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Supplement & Vitamin Packaging: Child-Resistant Packaging

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With the supplement and vitamin industry in full swing, it’s time for manufacturers to refine their approach to product packaging.

Whether you’ve got a winning idea for a multivitamin or the next great energy-boosting supplement, your products must be packaged to look great, stay protected during shipping and storage, and meet all regulations for consumer safety.

Packaging vitamins and supplements might seem simple in concept, but many challenges come to light when it’s time to execute an idea. Packaging must be developed with a brand vision to keep customers safe and regulators happy, plus practical and legal considerations.

Let’s explore the keys to vitamin and supplement packaging and how to customize your products for safety and success.

What Should You Know About Supplement & Vitamin Packaging?

Product packaging starts with a vision and takes shape with various materials, features, and branding elements.

But with sensitive and regulated products like vitamins and supplements, there are many more factors to account for, ensuring you and your customers stay protected and satisfied.

Here are the top points to remember when packaging vitamins and supplements for today’s market.


From mild herbal supplements to high-quality tinctures and rare substances, the vitamin and supplement industry covers a lot of variety.

However, all these product types share similar needs for packaging protection, which must withstand the harsh and unexpected conditions of the supply chain journey.

From the factory to shipping and storage to retail, vitamins and supplements need strong physical protections to travel safely and remain intact.

Capsules and tablets are prone to breaking from shocks and vibrations, while premium products in glass containers have their risks.

On top of physical integrity, supplements and vitamin products require packaging with high barrier protection from oxygen, heat, light, and other environmental conditions.

Even the slightest degree of contamination results in waste, while other risks can diminish product strength or quality.

Depending on your product type and its unique properties, choose a packaging solution that covers the bases for physical protection and unseen hazards.

Material and format can do the job, from Mylar bags and pouches to steel cylinder tins and other options.


Consumer safety is a growing concern throughout the food industry, particularly supplements. Regulators have long scrutinized ingredients like iron and other minerals, treating basic multivitamin supplements with higher standards for packaging safety.

While not all supplement types are under the same restrictions, manufacturers are playing it safe by introducing child-resistant mechanisms and other safety measures that were once considered irrelevant in the industry.

Certain product types containing stimulants or potentially harmful herbal ingredients should be packaged with child-resistant features to minimize risk for customers and your brand.

Use the guidelines of the Poison Prevention Packaging Act and ensure that packaging protects children under the age of 5 while still being accessible to seniors.


Supplement brands might be fine packaging capsules and tablets with maximum efficiency, but things can get tricky when introducing different product types like liquids, gels, powders, and more.

With unfamiliar formats like these, brands must consider new hazards and risks while considering efficient weights and shipment sizes. This is where a packaging solutions provider can offer insights into best practices for supply chain success.

Efficient shipping and storage are crucial to success in any industry, and the supplement business is no exception. Use standardized packaging optimized for product volumes and designed for smooth and efficient handling for every stage of logistics.

Supplement retailers also prioritize products that are accessible and offer efficiency boosts in storage and shelving, so innovative packaging offers another advantage here.

Optimize your supply chain with efficient packaging solutions for your supplements. Talk to our experts to find out how we can help you streamline your shipping and storage processes.


Branding is a make-or-break part of the supplement business, whether you’re a vitamin veteran or a newcomer with an ambitious new blend. Set yourself up for success by using packaging that fits your brand vision and utilizes the latest printing tech to display attractive visuals and labels.

With supplements, it’s hard to get a competitive advantage regarding ingredients and price, so branding is where you need to differentiate.

With a trusted packaging provider that knows the art of branding, you can make your vision a reality, whether working with flexible pouches, tin cylinders, or specialized formats that suit your brand.


The cost of doing business in the supplement industry goes further than ingredients and production. Carving out space in the budget for packaging is vital to creating a beautiful finished product that will turn heads in stores or attract clicks on social media.

However, packaging doesn’t need to be expensive with a packaging partnership that uses efficient materials and standard features like child-resistant seals.

This is how you avoid paying for extras you don’t need while staying compliant with regulators and exceeding customer expectations.

If you’re looking for a cost effective packaging solution, then contact us for options that can fit your budget without skimping on quality.

What Customization and Key Features Should You Consider for Supplement Packaging?

How should you customize supplement and vitamin packaging without compromising your brand vision or falling short of regulations?

Here are some custom features that must be part of your packaging plan.

Packaging Format and Style

With supplements and vitamins, you’ve got a broad range of options with packaging formats. Flexible packaging is increasingly standard with capsules, gummies, and tablets and is gaining ground with powders and less traditional product types.

Meanwhile, rigid packaging formats like tin cylinders and paperboard remain relevant in the supplement world, especially with premium formulations that fetch higher market prices.

The good news is that rigid and flexible formats now have practical safety and protection features, so you don’t need to make sacrifices.

Sizing and Product Volume

The world’s biggest supplement brands know the importance of sizing products for monthly supplies or economic packs. Upstart brands should stick to this proven formula and give customers the convenience of knowing exactly how long a single package should last.

With that in mind, perfecting package sizes for your desired volumes is easier said than done, whether you’re working with capsules, powders, or liquids.

Work with an experienced packaging solutions provider to make accurate estimates the first time and deliver a product that offers consistency and ease of use.

Custom Printing and Branding

When it comes to printing and branding, customization options are critical. Your packaging solutions provider should offer a complete range of color choices, finishes, and high-quality printing options that give your product a professional look.

Don’t limit your packaging with printing that isn’t up to par with the top brands. High-quality printing offers an undeniable advantage from square one for supplement companies to keep pace with the industry’s heavy hitters.

Labeling for Industry Regulations

Supplement regulations are constantly in flux, and business leaders can’t always keep up.

This is why packaging partners like Dymapak offer such a valuable service by handling labeling needs like ingredients, warnings, instructions, and other requirements to stay compliant.

Stay on top of industry regulations with a trusted packaging provider that handles these challenging demands.

Supplement & Vitamin Packaging With Dymapak

With the supplement and vitamin industry thriving, the time to bring your brand to life is now.

Working with Dymapak can give you the edge, not only with protections and safety measures but also in branding, labeling, and custom features. Let’s start with your next project or revive your new product line with a modern look.


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