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The McDonald’s Happy Meal box is nostalgic. The product packaging takes you back to your childhood and the memorable experience of enjoying the iconic fast-food meal. The box’s red color and the handle’s golden arches inspire excitement and happiness at the idea of finding a new toy inside.

Regardless of your location, you’ll quickly recognize it and know the product by its box packaging. That’s why you need to have relatable brand values, excellent customer experience, and a unique design to gain popularity and familiarity with your customers.


Why Your Brand Needs Unique Packaging

Unique packaging protects the products from damage during handling, storage, and shipping. It should also safeguard the product, like hemp goods, from heat, light, and humidity.

Unique packaging is sustainable. It should be easy to recycle, reuse, and have a low negative environmental impact. For instance, lightweight packaging means fewer fossil fuels are used during transport, leading to minimal waste.


Unique Packaging Helps Get Your Logo Seen

The logo is a central part of a brand’s identity. It is present on the website, flyers, social media channels, billboards, products, and displays.

After making a sale, many brands like to use a standard plain box for packaging the item and delivering it to the customer. However, plain packaging can deny consumers a unique unboxing experience that boosts brand loyalty.

The brand misses an opportunity to share its brand story by printing its marketing message and logo on the packaging.

Forward-thinking brands will maintain the consistency of their brand by having their logo on everything, including the packaging. It is an extension of a brand from the moment the customer makes an order online or at a store to when they unbox the product.

Add the logo and colors to your packaging to share your brand’s mission, personality, and values.


Unique Packaging Separates You From Competitors

A capitalist market is a competitive place. If all your competitors’ products are stacked up on supermarket shelves without branded packaging, how do consumers know what appeals to their tastes and preferences?

That said, branded packaging helps you to stand out from your competition. Your loyal customers can quickly identify your products.

When advertising campaigns are effective, consumers will be looking for your products on supermarket shelves and other retail stores. Branded packaging will differentiate you from the brands they’re looking to leave.

For instance, Hemp Juice, a Polish CBD brand, breaks up its product range with colors to ensure customers easily identify suitable products. They also don’t have the typical green leaf image on their brand. Instead, they offer a bright, happy, and cheery visual experience.

However, be careful not to package your brand like a competitor to take advantage of its popularity. Not only is it unethical, and you could face litigation. Develop your own logo design, gift packaging, and design ideas based on current design trends to establish your own brand identity.


Unique Packaging Makes Your Products Instantly Recognizable

A unique packaging requires a professional design to stand out from the rest of the products, and generic designs won’t cut it. Creative packaging reflects the kind of product inside, and a professional design communicates quality and functionality, which gives consumers confidence in your product.

Different colors induce different feelings and emotions in people, and using the right colors for your packaging will make your product more attractive to consumers. Products that customers want to use in happy moments, like food, should be packaged in bright, cool, or warm colors.

Colors should also reflect the product’s natural state, such as green packaging for cannabis products and white and green for milk. Ice cream is often packaged in pastel shades, while skincare products opt for soothing colors in their beauty product lineup.

Another recognizable part of unique packaging is the connection between the packaging design and product taste. Make the customer feel like they can already taste the product by using a packaging design that communicates its flavor. For instance, Fanta packaging is orange to remind consumers of the taste of an orange.

Images are easier to recognize on supermarket shelves by consumers who don’t have time to read every packaging to know what they’re buying. Good images also help customers understand what to expect when unboxing.

Some packaging lacks enough information about how to use a product or open a package, which gives new consumers a bad unboxing experience. You should use the packaging to show consumers where and how to open the package or how to use the product. A single image or graphic can convey this information, attracting the shopper’s attention.


What Makes Packaging Unique?

Modern and sleek designs are eye-catching. Some makeup lines are popular for adopting minimalistic and sleek designs with a simple color palette and unornamented typeface on their beauty packaging.

If you have a brightly colored product, the packaging design could adopt the same look. Create a maximal effect by placing loud colors, like yellow and red, against a white background. Accents of bright colors get the customer’s attention, so consider other eye-catching packaging ideas that will get your brand noticed.

A clean, minimalist packaging design can be highly unique and attractive in a market where every product is competing for attention. Simple black and white packaging, when properly designed, can be elegant.

Unique packaging has a personalized interior too. Instead of just placing the product, use a creative design and ensure you use tissue paper, dried flowers and add a personalized note to make the unboxing experience exceptional.

Clever copywriting makes the packaging unique to stand out from the rest. If the writing catches the consumers’ attention you’ve won them. Match the writing and colors of your eCommerce website, your overall web design, and your business cards to complement each other.

While many products include an image of the product on the packaging, you can be unique by using die cuts to offer a product preview. It allows consumers to have a physical interaction with the product before purchase.

Being up to date with packaging trends and market changes is a surefire way to make the packaging unique. Hence, using great packaging that reduces waste, for instance, will attract consumers who want to work with sustainable brands.


Choose Compliant Packaging That Matches Your Brand

According to the Poison Prevention Packaging Act, if you sell products that could be potentially poisonous to children, child-resistant packaging is necessary. Therefore, complaint packaging is required if your brand sells herbal medicine, dietary supplements, over-the-counter medication, nicotine, cosmetics, mouthwash, home cleaning products, and cannabis goods.

A packageing is recloseable child-resistant if a majority of children underchild of fewer than five years old findss it impossible to open it, but a majority of both adults and seniors can easily open and close it. The packaging can be single-use, where it’s child-resistant until opened, or resealable, where it can be used multiple times while offering child safety.


Choose Packaging With a Distinct Look

A high-quality packaging design like that of Tiffany & Co. grabs the consumer’s attention.

Color is essential to reinforcing your brand identity, creating an emotional connection, and drawing in the shopper. In fact, research shows that 85% of customers buy a product mainly due to the color of the packaging. Use the right colors to create a distinct look.

The shape and structure of the packaging can create a unique look that consumers can easily recognize. For instance, research shows that consumers prefer curves to straight lines.


Opt for High-Quality Packaging Over Low-Cost Materials

Touching and viewing high-quality packaging is vital to offering a premium experience, allowing you to charge high prices. Glass is a higher quality material than plastic, which is why perfume brands will choose glass bottles for their packaging. Meanwhile, plastic is also perceived as cheap since it’s used for numerous consumer products sold at low prices.



Unique packaging provides customers a memorable unboxing experience that creates return customers and many referrals. When making your unique packaging, you need to consider typography, colors, high-quality materials, and your logo.

Consequently, you’ll easily be recognizable to set yourself apart from the competition.

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