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Custom Child-Resistant Packaging

The standards for child-resistant packaging have been set in stone ever since the Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970 was introduced. Since then, restrictions have only ramped up, and brands must navigate compliance with extreme care.

There are plenty of child-resistant packaging options nowadays, but a one-size-fits-all strategy is insufficient for success. Child-resistant packaging is the minimum; brands need customization and extra features to stand out.

Dymapak is not only a leader in child-resistant product packaging solutions, but we also take pride in offering complete customization in all formats. Let’s outline the keys to packaging customization and see what makes Dymapak the best in the business. 

Customization Features for Key Packaging Formats

Without custom design elements, branded packaging can look bland and uninspired. Customers now expect high customization from their favorite brands, creating a feeling of individualism and originality that other companies can’t offer. 

This can include various custom packaging products designed to enhance customer experience, whether you’re in ecommerce or retail packaging. 

These include the following:

  • Custom packaging boxes: These can include custom printed boxes, custom mailer boxes, and other custom boxes
  • Eco-friendly packaging: These include eco-friendly product box styles, recyclable packaging tape, poly mailers, reusable shopping bags such as tote bags, and other sustainable packaging materials)
  • Custom stickers: High-quality, eye-catching stickers designed to make a lasting impression on customers

With that in mind, what are the best ways to customize today’s most popular packaging formats? There’s more to it than throwing some tissue paper in a gift box. Here’s how you should aim to give your packaging the custom edge and solidify your brand identity.

Bags and Pouches

Flexible packaging has finally had its breakthrough, but many brands still lag in customizing their bags, stand-up pouches, and other flex formats. 

The following custom features can help improve your flexible packaged products:

  • Proper sizing and dimensions, including slim pouches, stand-up rectangles, wide exit bags, and square pouches with wider openings
  • Materials like high-density polyethylene or BOPET (Mylar) for exceptional durability and barrier protections
  • Finishes like matte, gloss, kraft, and other custom layers for visual flair
  • Quality image printing with full color, labels, and critical information
  • Unique features like vape inserts or RYO pouches for specific products

Bags and pouches are found everywhere, but only a few have the custom touch that adds to their shelf appeal and functionality. 

With the Dymapak Secure Sack, you get the choice of complete customization, from sizing and printing to special features and inserts. These elements add to a unique and exciting product that looks great on shelves and on social media while satisfying customer needs.

Rigid Tins and Containers

Rigid packaging supplies remain the primary format for shipping, storage, and the direct consumption of products from food to pharmaceuticals. There are several features to consider when customizing tins or other rigid solutions for your packaging needs.

These include:

  • Custom sizing to meet the volume requirements of your product with safety and protection in mind
  • An opaque exterior allows for full printed customization
  • Options for embossing and including various finishes
  • Exterior and interior printing templates for a memorable unboxing experience
  • Custom product inserts for vapes, prerolls, and other specialty items
  • Inspiration and guidance from the packaging supplier

There will always be a place for rigid containers, especially as industries like cannabis and OTC drugs and supplements flourish. Customize your containers and shipping boxes to match your brand identity and exceed customer expectations.

The Dymapak SecuriTin is the ideal rigid packaging solution with fully customizable sizing and printing. You can also add special inserts to keep your best-selling products protected and ready to deliver a premium user experience.

All-in-One Liquid Dispensers

Liquid dispensers include more mechanical precision within the product unit, making customization even more critical. 

Here are some features that can help you create a compelling product:

  • Choosing the correct dispensing mechanism appropriate for the product density and viscosity
  • Sizing the container effectively for volume and safe delivery of the product
  • Exterior printing and labeling options with colors, images, and messages
  • Customized outer packaging layers for safe shipping and shelf appeal
  • All-in-one design simplifying the user experience

The most popular liquid dispensers feature unique configurations that speak to the unique brand identity of the producer. Since users will transport and travel with the unit as the primary packaging layer, it’s a movable billboard for your brand.

The Dymapak Twistspenser offers all these customization options in a single, sleek device that customers can use intuitively. With full printing capabilities and outer box customization, this is the perfect liquid or concentrate product format with full printing capabilities and outer box customization.

Dymapak’s Commitment to Customization

Brands know that customization is the cornerstone of a great finished product, and choosing the right supplier is vital to making this a reality. Here’s how Dymapak supports your custom packaging goals every step of the way.

Sizing and Dimensions

Dymapak is here to help you configure sizing for your next product release or redesign, ensuring the correct shape, dimensions, and form factors customers want most. You can always create different versions of your top products, from bags and pouches to rigid containers and dispensers.

Printing, Labeling, and Branding

With Dymapak’s printing expertise, your packaging will arrive ready to fill up and ship, saving you time, effort, and extra steps. We offer a full range of colors and printing formats for each packaging solution, including finishes like matte or gloss. 

Dymapak also knows the legal requirements for significant industries like pharmaceuticals and cannabis, putting your products on the right side of compliance from the start.

Special Features for Your Products

From vape inserts to preroll packaging and roll-your-own pouches, Dymapak is ready to customize for any product type you have in store. This is crucial in keeping products safe throughout the shipping journey and delivering the “wow factor” to customers upon opening.

We Work With You

The Dymapak product catalog is only the beginning, and we work with brands directly to craft unique packaging solutions for each concept. Our team will provide input from past experiences that set your products apart in the best ways possible.

Dymapak Puts the Power in Your Hands

Custom, child-resistant packaging solutions are the future in the CPG marketplace. It’s the only way to fully comply with standards while providing functionality and style

Bland packaging will only hold your business back, so work with Dymapak and create something special for each product you roll out.


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