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Features of Our Child Resistant Bags

Our industry-leading Child-Resistant Bags feature a patented press & seal zipper design that creates a moisture and smell proof barrier that can safely store and secure medicinal flower products, concentrates, edibles, vape cartridges, and other infused products.

Customization Details

Child Resistant Bag Stock Styles

Dymapak, your trusted child-resistant packaging manufacturer

Dymapak’s environmentally friendly child-resistant packaging pouches are like no other compliant storage option for pharmaceutical and CPG applications as well as producers of infused cannabis products in California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon – amongst others. Not only are the child-resistant mylar bags the most stylish on the market, but they are also compliant as a “Container”, “Immediate Package” and as an “Exit Package” under all state laws. Our smaller size child proof bags can be used as primary packaging, and the larger size child proof bags can be used as secondary child-resistant packaging.

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How to Open / Close a Secure Sack

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all of our child-resistant packaging products are lab tested and certified child-resistant according to 16 CFR Part 1700.20 – POISON PREVENTION PACKAGING ACT

Dymapak offers its proprietary Secure Sack child resistant packaging pouch. We offer a variety of stock sizes and colors as well as full color custom printed pouches manufactured both overseas and domestically.

Our patented design is easy to use, discreet, and extremely effective at keeping kids from accessing the package’s contents. We offer a variety of print methods including rotogravure, flexographic, and digital so we can tailor production specific requirements to each and every job.

Dymapak child resistant bags are made out of a variety of materials based on customer requirements. Our “standard” structure is 3-ply and consists of PE, PET, and MET PET. It is important to note all of our materials are FDA approved for food contact.

The list of options available to customers is virtually limitless. Dymapak can easily and cost-effectively produce a custom size bag due to the design of our pouch as there are no excessive tooling costs or molds needed. On the print side, we offer everything from glossy and matte combo finishes, to foil, kraft, and printing up to 10 colors.

Child-Proof Packaging: Why Does It Matter?

One evening in June 2021, a 21-month-old kid named Oliver became rigid before he started shivering and crying. Elizabeth Perry, his mother, rushed him to Maryland hospital.

Tests showed that Oliver had THC poisoning. The young boy had opened a tin containing edible cannabis gummies that his mother used for better sleep health. Oliver had eaten 15 of them.

Numerous other cases like this exist. In fact, there’s a five-fold annual increase in THC poisoning cases involving children under six years.

But what if Oliver had been unable to open the tin? That’s where child-proof packaging comes in.


How To Protect Children With Safe Packaging

Children can consume marijuana-infused edibles and candies if not well protected. That’s why child-resistant packaging is essential for keeping these items out of reach of kids.

The special packaging needs to be hard enough for kids to open yet easily accessible by adults. The locking mechanism can be twist and pop lids, push and turn caps, snap caps, turn and lift caps, squeeze and turn caps and even pull to open, if using a flexible pouch..


Why Child-Resistant Packaging Is Essential for Cannabis

Besides protecting the consumer and their children, child-resistant packaging is often required by law. Nearly every state that has legalized cannabis for medical and recreational purposes requires that cannabis manufacturers, suppliers, and/or dispensaries use child-resistant marijuana packaging.

Failure to comply can result in penalties, fines, and legal suits.


Sustainable Child-Resistant Packaging: Better for Kids and Planet

In case of products that can be harmful to children, ensure your packaging is designed with safety in mind. Child-resistant packaging will minimize kids’ risk of successfully opening a package and consuming potentially hazardous products.

You must use safe packaging with pharmaceuticals, tobacco products, household cleaners, and cannabis products.

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), child-resistant packaging is essential for products with risk of serious illness or injury to children, who can open the package and drink, eat, or handle the package contents.

Sustainable child-resistant packaging minimizes the ecological footprint of the consumer and producer. The diverse effects of climate change like rising sea levels, hotter temperatures, increased drought, and severe storms have made consumers wary of supporting companies that aren’t concerned about reducing their environmental impact.


Types of Child-Resistant Packaging

The standard means of making child-resistant packaging is creating a locking mechanism that engages a combination of movements requiring an adult’s strength, hand size, and dexterity. Children can’t apply equal pressure to two different container areas and can’t perform two actions simultaneously.

Think pill bottles with a push-and-turn lid that needs the user to push down on the lid while turning it. Let’s learn other types of child-resistant packaging:



Child-resistant tins have different lock mechanisms. For instance, a regular circular tin can contain a push and turn lid, while a rectangular tin with a hinged top may require the user to push in the locking mechanism.

Why tins? Environmental-conscious brands use tins since they’re recyclable.



Bags are suitable for multi-use or single-use products, depending on their design. With its patented locking press to close zipper, thick food-grade plastic, and extra-durable construction, these child-resistant packaging pouches safeguard many toxic and dangerous items that may not fit into a pill vial.



Tubes are versatile as they can store various cannabis goods, like a flower, edibles, lotions, concentrate, and pre-roll. The locking system can include hidden buttons released under pressure and push-and-turn lids.



A plastic or glass jar functions with a push-and-turn top to secure your cannabis products.


Are Child-Resistant Glass Jars a Good Choice?

Yes, child-resistant glass bottles are a great choice. This packaging increases consumer trust by protecting the children against contact with medications, cleaning supplies, and chemicals.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will test the suitability of packaging for holding particular items. And because glass maintains its structure, you need not worry about corrosive products deteriorating the packaging.

What if the glass breaks, you ask? New processing methods make glass more shatter-resistant, ideal for child-resistant packaging. Be keen to use safety caps with your glass jars in compliance with FDA and CPSC requirements.

Child-resistant glass jars may come with a foil seal, which requires a strong hand to pull off. It’s not uncommon to combine seals with safety caps.


Are Child-Resistant Metal Tins Good for Cannabis?

Yes, child-proof metal tins are suitable for cannabis products. Metal tins can store both damp and dry cannabis products, helping to protect the flavor and maintain the integrity of cannabis products and active ingredients.

Metal tins are designed for cannabis goods with safety and aesthetics in mind. Brands can also use different shapes, materials, look and feel for their metal tins to differentiate themselves.

In the age of ecological movement, metal tins are an ideal choice for brands. Consumers are making greener choices and will pick metal tins since they can be reused and recycled.

What’s more, metal tins offer branding opportunities for you to communicate to current and potential customers about your mission, vision, and products. The tins are available in different sizes that can fit mints, candies, pre-rolls, and more when it comes to capacity.

Dymapak’s lab-certified recyclable child-resistant tin protects the environment, children, and package contents.


Why Is Mylar the Most Popular Choice for Child-Resistant Packaging?

Mylar child-resistant bags combine two or more locking systems for effective child-proofing. For instance, non-reusable Mylar bags feature permanent type sealing that’s used only once. Often, the sealing system comes with a heat-sealing section, and consumers need to bend the sealed section to tear it.

Reusable Mylar pouches contain a flexible open/closing system, allowing you to use them more than once. There are four types:


Zipper Type

Apply pressure on the locking mechanism to open. Some manufacturers will prevent accidental opening by kids by adding a polymer layer over the zipper and lock.


Push Pin Type

Push pin type Mylar bag is similar to the zipper-type as it has a zipper too. However, the zip locks when you close the packet. You need a small pin to lift the locks when opening the bag. Some packages will employ pushable pins instead.


Thumb-Pocket Zip Seal

People mostly prefer this Mylar bag due to its simple zipper system covered by a locked layer.

Use your thumb to remove the protective lock; there’s a thumb area on the bag. Since the lock is simple to use and over 99% effective with children, the bag is perfect for the cannabis industry.


Pinch Type

Similar to the pull-type Mylar bag, the pinch-type allows consumers to pinch on the marked outer flap. However, these bags are developed in a way that you cannot open them by pulling or shaking the pouch. Instead, you will need to pinch the outer flap and pull while holding the opposing flap. This is the most popular child-resistant bag available on the market today because of it’s simplicity.

These lab-certified child-resistant Mylar bags will safeguard hazardous products, protect consumers, kids, and your business.


What Is Polyethylene?

Polyethylene is one of the most popular plastics on the planet. Their primary application is in packaging – geomembranes, containers, bottles, plastic bags, and plastic films. It’s also used for lining tanks, tubes, and wrapping pipes to safeguard against corrosive elements.

More than 100 million tonnes of polyethylene are created yearly for industrial and commercial purposes.


Physical Properties of Polyethylene

– Polyethylene has lower strength than other plastics. The hardness and rigidity of this polymer are low.

– It’s highly malleable with high impact strength.

– It shows robust creep under a constant force.

– The synthetic polymer has a waxy texture.

– It has a melting point of between 105 and 180 degrees Celsius.

– Provides high electrical resistance, making it an excellent insulator of electric current


Polyethylene Is a Sustainable Approach with Typical Plastics

Most polyethylene types can be remolded through heating, which allows for recycling. Recycling and reusing enable sustainability in various ways.

The plastic manufacturing process uses natural resources like coal, water, petroleum, and natural gas. That’s why recycling saves natural resources. For instance, recycling plastics can save 40% of petroleum consumption, which brings us to the next point.

Recycling saves energy that could have been used to make materials required for new plastics. The petroleum saved is an excellent example of an energy source.

Moreover, pollution results in the death of animal species important to the food chain, and recycling helps to reduce pollution created by plastic waste.


Mylar Bags Are Safe for Cannabis

Mylar bags are perfect for cannabis products since they help keep the goods fresh. This is due to their ability to keep oxygen, moisture, and heat out.

The bags are also odor-proof, which enhances the privacy of the consumer. When heat sealed, it safeguards the humidity levels of the product.

The ability to conserve moisture comes in handy by preventing evaporation and reducing the weight by up to 10 percent. Additionally, conserving oxygen keeps cannabis products potent by preventing active chemicals from degrading the potency.



The most crucial feature of child-proof cannabis packaging is in its name; protecting children from potentially harmful products. Therefore, tins, Mylar bags, and glass jars have been redesigned for this purpose.

Child-proof packaging also protects the integrity of cannabis products as moisture and air loss can affect their quantity and quality, respectively. It’s environmentally friendly too.

As you look to meet your packaging needs, Dymapak will provide an assortment of packaging products for your cannabis business.

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