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Dymapak’s SecuriTin storage containers are like no other compliant storage option for pharmaceutical and CPG applications as well as producers of infused cannabis products in California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon – amongst others. Not only are the child-resistant tins the most stylish on the market, but they are also compliant as a “Recloseable Child Resistant Container” and “Immediate Package”. Shop our eco-friendly tins today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all of our child resistant products are lab tested and certified child resistant according to 16 CFR Part 1700.20 – POISON PREVENTION PACKAGING ACT

Whether your brand sells cannabis products, cosmetics, electronic components, or sensitive chemicals, your packaging solution must meet the standards of the PPPA to achieve compliance. Meeting these standards means that children under the age of five are unable to access the contents of the container due to a higher requirement of mechanical leverage and strength.

Dymapak can work with you to understand the legal landscape in your industry and provide the right resources to package your products safely, meeting all regulations to protect consumers and your brand.

We also offer pre-printed warnings that can be automatically applied to your custom tin packaging depending on the product type, region of sale, and other restrictions in your state or area. Dymapak stays ahead of regulatory changes and trends to protect you and prevent legal issues from impacting your business.

The SecuriTin is made of steel and silicon. With no plastic, the SecuriTin is 100% curbside recyclable. Additionally, we use an induction sealing process, adding extra freshness and providing a tamper-evident seal that ensures the SecuriTin’s contents stay fresh and are not exposed to light, air, and moisture. These materials provide excellent barrier properties, allowing your products to last longer within the supply chain, in storage, on shelves, and in the homes of consumers. 

SecuriTin’s unique material formulation offers key advantages over materials like traditional paperboard, cardboard, plastic, glass, and others:

  • Lightweight yet durable material helps to reduce shipping weight and simplify logistics.
  • High exterior tensile strength prevents issues like dents, punctures, and other issues.
  • Balance and sizing allow SecuriTins to stack and sort easily in storage or on shelves.
  • Resistant to shock and unexpected force, ensuring a safer supply chain journey.
  • Shatter-proof exterior provides a durability advantage over glass.
  • Prolonged preservation for sensitive, perishable products like cannabis and food.
  • Reduced oxidation, high moisture resistance, and minimal light exposure.

The SecuriTin is truly a best-of-all-worlds solution for your packaging needs, thanks to its advanced materials. Plus, using custom printing, you can customize this round tin container to meet any of your marketing needs.

The Securitin can be fully printed, labeled, and embossed. The size of the tin can be customized as well. Brands work with Dymapak to determine the proper tin size for their products. Choose from three main sizes and consult with our representatives to find the right fit.

Exterior printing options are limitless with the SecuriTin, with Dymapak’s cutting edge print system recreating your brand’s unique look and feel. Each SecuriTin is wrapped in your brand’s colors with logos, names, product descriptions, and other labeling needs. From tea tins to cookie tins to candy tins, we have full-color printing options to fit your product needs.

The SecuriTin also features interior printing to add another level of quality for customers when they finally open the product. Product inserts for cartridges and more delicate components are also available on request, providing further protection and creating a luxury experience for the customer.

If your product can fit safely within the walls of the SecuriTin, it’s likely a good fit! However, certain products are better suited for metal tin packaging for various reasons.

Dymapak customers have found success packaging specialty food products and cannabis edibles in SecuriTins, since the durable, food-grade decorative tin exterior adds a level of protection that isn’t guaranteed by softer packaging. The more delicate the product, the tougher the package’s exterior should be to ensure safe and intact delivery to the end user.

The exceptional barrier properties of the food-safe SecuriTin also make it a great choice to use as tea, specialty spice brands, and even coffee tins. These goods are often fragrant and pungent, with multiple layers of packaging protection required to lock in freshness for months at a time.

With the SecuriTin, your brand can achieve a premium look and feel when customers are browsing on store shelves or online, or if you’re offering promotional tins as a way to boost sales. The strong metal packaging and flexible inner layer allow customers to enjoy a high-quality product inside and out. 

In the realm of cosmetics, beauty products, and skincare, the SecuriTin is a gold standard for everything from creams and serums to lotions and other topicals.

The SecuriTin has a lot to offer brands, retailers, and supply chain partners. But ultimately, the customer experience is what matters most when creating a winning product! When it comes to user satisfaction, SecuriTin goes above and beyond, with several notable features.

Today’s customers prioritize quality, uniqueness, durability, and reusability when shopping for new products. Paperboard, glass, and traditional plastic offer some of these, but not all. Only a hybrid tin solution like the SecuriTin checks all the boxes and delivers a premium user experience. 

Customers appreciate the solid and smooth feel of the SecuriTin, and the resealable, reusable custom tin boxes offer longevity that other materials cannot provide. A strong, high-quality container is more likely to stick around in the kitchen or pantry long after the contents are gone!

SecuriTins also lead the field in terms of discrete packaging and privacy, from cannabis products to other sensitive materials. Customers don’t have to worry about scents leaking through the seal, and can rest assured that their favorite products go untouched. 

Finally, the child-resistant features of the SecuriTin make it a must for any customers with kids or pets. The tin is lab-certified child-resistant in multiple product categories and offers peace of mind to parents everywhere. 

Every product requires a unique packaging approach, and rigid packaging is sometimes preferred over flexible alternatives. With the SecuriTin, you’re getting the full range of rigid packaging benefits without any of the common risks and hazards.

If your products are sensitive, delicate, and at risk of breaking during shipping or storage, the SecuriTin offers a safe way to deliver your product on time and intact. This is ideal for products like edible cannabis treats, cannabis flower, cartridges, or pricey electronics components.

Certain products are unsuitable for a flexible packaging format like a pouch or exit bag. Cosmetics like gels and creams, for instance, need a rigid container to stay in place and provide easy access for users at home.

Dymapak offers both rigid and flexible packaging, with SecuriTin being the best in the rigid category. 

Your SecuriTin order starts by filling out our contact form with your company name, email address, and a message detailing your situation and goals. We’ll talk to you to get your process started ASAP!

Dymapak is all about collaboration, so we’re ready to answer any questions to get your order right the first time. Keep in mind that for custom printing, we have a minimum order quantity of 5,000 units. 

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