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Twistspenser Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all of our child resistant products are lab tested and certified child resistant according to 16 CFR Part 1700.20 – POISON PREVENTION PACKAGING ACT

Dymapak stays on top of the latest industry regulations in cannabis, chemicals, cosmetics, and more. We ensure each Twistspenser order fully complies with the standards in your industry and region of distribution. 

Our team works with yours to create a safe, convenient product that meets ever-changing compliance demands, including labels and warnings.

CPSC requirements evolve with a fast-changing industry, especially in markets like cannabis wax and concentrate. The Twistspenser gives you the ideal format to package your winning product without worrying about compliance issues and red tape.

No matter where you’re at in the development or production cycle, Dymapak will help outline and meet requirements in your country and state.

The Twistspenser was designed to hold the most viscous oils in the marketplace. Our twist to dispense design makes it easy for a customer to dispense the product.

Some of the most popular concentrate products on the market include:

  • Oil,which is also referred to as distillate. A refined cannabinoid oil with high viscosity
  • Cannabis flower essential oil with varying viscosity
  • Hash oil, a fully extracted cannabis oil
  • Resin, which is typically viscous and highly concentrated

As more products come to market and consumer standards rise, the Twistspenser is an ideally suited ml glass concentrate container that can administer any type of concentrate you develop and distribute. 

The Twistspenser can be customized in different colors, with full-color print labels, and an outer box to hold the Twistspenser offering the customer a truly finished packaged good.

The full range of Dymapak customization options are available with the Twistspenser, from branded colors and logos to messaging, instructions, and more. 

The device can be printed with a full wrap, allowing brands to take full advantage of every square inch and stand out from competitors.

Pair your Twistspenser with a branded outer concentrate box to create a premium customer experience and give your concentrate product a distinct visual advantage in a growing market. 

At Dymapak, we pride ourselves on offering a one-stop shop for your packaging needs, from the Twistspenser with its child-resistant lid to our Secure Sack, the world’s first lab-certified child-resistant mylar bag.

The Twistspenser is unique in that it has a twist to dispense design, is child resistant in and of itself (no additional outer package is needed), and that it is truly a discreet and stylish presentation for a brand’s product.

Other concentrate packaging methods typically require a longer application process and may not be accurate in dispensing precise amounts of material. 

Basic packaging formats don’t always have child-resistant mechanisms, while the Twistspenser has a child-resistant cap built into its design. 

Customers can confidently travel with their Twistspenser or keep it in the home without needing extra layers of protection, such as lock boxes or hiding places. 

With a discrete design, simple dispense process, and child-resistant standards, the Twistspenser is the latest and most excellent way to package your best-selling concentrates.

Marijuana concentrate products are a special category in a relatively new industry, so the concentrate containers and marijuana packaging solutions are still relatively new. 

The products that require clear glass concentrate containers and other custom packaging don’t include everything you’ll find at a dispensary — pre-rolls and edibles do not require the same cannabis concentrate containers as non-stick live resin. 

Products that require cannabis concentrate packaging, such as glass concentrate jars for storage, tend to be highly viscous and administered in small amounts, making them different from traditional packaging options like flexible pouches or vape cartridges.

Applicators like the Twistspenser allow users to hold concentrate products discreetly and accurately place the desired amount of the substance in a controlled manner. This provides a safer, faster, and cleaner method of application where other methods fall short. 

Traditional dab containers or wax containers can be messy, difficult to use, and may be less discrete when traveling or used in the home. 

Whether you have resin, oil, wax, or another viscous material, the suitable applicator makes the process easier and administers the exact amount you need.

Whether adding oil to food, smokable rolls, or another implement, the Twistspenser offers the speed and simplicity you need with no mess or hassle.

The Twistspenser gives complete control over the amount of concentrate dispensed, so users consistently achieve the perfect dose and never waste a drop. 

Other types of concentrate packaging require extra implements like a concentrate tool and can often lead to waste and spills. Since concentrates are potent and valuable, users don’t want to lose a drop.

An applicator like the Twistspenser benefits from the pinpoint design and a sensitive twist mechanism squeezing the concentrate in the desired amount. 

With an internal matte black cap and silicone cover, the Twistspenser offers two layers of functionality protection to ensure that the product travels safely and prevents leakage in transit.

The cylinder is manufactured to contain high-quality material at all times and only dispenses with a precise twist. Users can get the most out of each package and not worry about product waste.

User experience is a big differentiator in the cannabis concentrate market. With the Twistspenser, customers get all the benefits of a precise applicator with a discrete package and an easy-to-use twist mechanism. 

The Twistspenser simplifies the experience of concentrate use by eliminating the need for additional tools and devices to administer the perfect amount of material each time. 

Users do not need scoops, pins, spoons, or other implements to place the concentrate where they need it and in the right amount.

Additionally, the Twistspenser offers incredibly precise dosage control and even dosage correction. If users dispense more oil than intended, they can draw it back into the device with the Twistspenser’s drawback feature. You simply turn the twist mechanism in reverse, and the oil will return to the dispenser.

Brands can design the Twistspenser exterior with their preferred colors and messaging, providing more information and a unique look to their products. The administration method is direct and simple and keeps your branding front of mind when customers are enjoying your product. 

The next generation of concentrate users wants a subtle, clean, and discrete way of using their favorite products. The Twistspenser brings it all together in a sleek, smell-proof format that benefits customers and your brand. 

Many concentrate sales occur in a third-party retail environment, where customers evaluate and interact with products on shelves and on the sales floor. 

The sleek and discrete design of the Twistspenser stands out from other applicator products and gives retailers a reason to feature your products front and center.

Not only is the Twistspenser unique and eye-catching, but it also features a more friendly and subtle look compared to syringe designs from competing products. 

The twist design differs from the syringe plunger format and is more easily approachable for customers from every walk of life.

In competitive cannabis markets, every advantage counts, and you can make your concentrates more appealing in a retail setting with the distinct, discrete Twistspenser format.

You can start your Twistspenser order by filling out our quote request form and giving us the details of your desired end product. Our team will collaborate to create a winning product with your preferred features, designs, order size, and all at the right price. 

Dymapak is ready to answer questions regarding the Twistspenser design, customization options, order timing, and pricing. 


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