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Child-Resistant Dispensing Pen for Concentrate Packaging


Dymapak’s Twistpencer is one of the biggest innovations in the concentrate packaging industry. The twistpencer is the first fully child-resistant liquid dispenser for concentrate packaging and is extremely discreet with our lipstick style design. The Twistpencer is the first fully lab certified child-resistant liquid dispenser. The Twistpencer is designed for any thickness of fluid, resistant to any leakage, and designed specifically for no waste of the liquid. We have full customization options available to help your brand stand out amongst your competitors. To learn more, request a quote and learn how Dymapak can help with your concentrate packaging needs.


Q: Does Dymapak’s concentrate packaging Twistpenser meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) Certified Child Resistant Packaging requirements?

A: Yes, all of our child resistant products are lab tested and certified child resistant according to 16 CFR Part 1700.20 – POISON PREVENTION PACKAGING ACT

Q: What fluid material can be put into Dymapak’s concentrate packaging?

A: The twistspenser was designed to hold the most viscous oils in the marketplace. Our twist to dispense design makes it easy for a customer to dispense the product.

Q: What are the customization options are available with Dymapak’s concentrate packaging?

A: The twistspenser can be customized in different colors, with full-color print labels, and an outer box to hold the Twistspenser offering the customer a truly finished packaged good.

Q: What makes Dymapak’s concentrate packaging different?

A: The Twistspenser is unique in that it has a twist to dispense design, is child resistant in and of itself (no additional outer package is needed), and that it is truly a discreet and stylish presentation for a brand’s product.

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