Child-Resistant Dispensing Pen for Concentrate Packaging


Template Lab certified compliant with CPSC 1700.20 and ASTM 3475 standards CHILD RESISTANT Internal cap design and silicone cover provide dual protection NO LEAKAGE Extended plunger tip dispenses all material with no wastage NO WASTAGE Designed to easily dispense ultra-viscous and fluid material ANY THICKNESS Full color label canvas for required disclosures and branding messages CUSTOMIZABLE Easily approachable discreet lipstick style design NO SCARY SYRINGE Child Resistant Concentrate Packaging - Dymapak Child Resistant Dispensing Pens - Dymapak Child Resistant Concentrate Pen - TwistSpencer | Dymapak Customizable Concentrate Packaging - Dymapak
Dymapak’s Twistpencer is one of the biggest innovations in the concentrate packaging industry. The twistpencer is the first fully child-resistant liquid dispenser for concentrate packaging and is extremely discreet with our lipstick style design. The Twistpencer is the first fully lab certified child-resistant liquid dispenser. The Twistpencer is designed for any thickness of fluid, resistant to any leakage, and designed specifically for no waste of the liquid. We have full customization options available to help your brand stand out amongst your competitors. To learn more, request a quote and learn how Dymapak can help with your concentrate packaging needs.

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