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Every detail counts when bringing a product to market, including the packaging system used to ship, store, and protect each unit.

Now that manufacturers are overwhelmed with options, they’re looking at new ways to differentiate their products while retaining all the benefits of next-gen materials and barrier properties.

Stand up packaging is a prime example of the next wave of technology on the front lines of industry. These packages are versatile, practical, and have plenty of shelf appeal to drive more sales online and off.

Let’s talk about how stand up packaging has earned the spotlight and the unique benefits it brings to the table, both for producers and consumers.


What Is Stand Up Packaging?

The idea is simple enough: packages that can stand upright on their own (without the need for extra structures like trays or slots) can be categorized under the broad umbrella of “stand up packaging.”

You may know what this looks like, but there is more to the trend than you think. Stand up packaging can be designed in many different ways depending on the producer’s vision, opening up new creative possibilities for brands looking to set themselves apart in competitive markets.

In this category, we find package systems ranging from pouches and packs to zip-lock bags, cylinders, vertical containers, and so much more.

If it stands and has a clear point of access for practical use, the package is a viable choice for brands in various industries.


How Is Stand Up Packaging Used?

With durable construction, user-friendly features, and limitless branding opportunities, everyone can find a way to use stand up packaging, from everyday functions at home to the heights of the industry.

Let’s start with versatility. Stand up packages can hold almost anything, from liquid and semi-solid food products to non-food items in a broad range of categories.

Food products are perhaps the most popular use case for stand up packages due to convenience factors, strong branding assets, and the ability to prolong the shelf life of everything from crunchy snacks to gels and juices.

Stand-up package systems’ capabilities allow producers to pivot quickly and launch new products on the fly without having to think twice about their packaging requirements.

This shows that this technology isn’t a fluke, and it’s not all about novelty. We’ve only just begun to see stand up packaging take root in various industries, and we will likely see much more as time goes on.

For now, the question to ask isn’t “what can stand up packages do,” but rather: “what can’t they do?”


Stand Up Pouches vs. Bottles

A growing point of debate in the packaging space is between pouches and bottles, two of the most popular stand-up package systems to date.

While some see pouches as the “new school” version of the tried-and-true bottle, there are real considerations to be made when choosing a package type for your product.

With bottles, brands have the advantage of familiarity and practicality, two essential factors in securing sales. People of all ages and backgrounds have used bottles for life, and there’s no sense of confusion or hesitation when grabbing bottles off the shelf in a store.

Conversely, pouches have some considerable upsides in terms of package strength, durability, protective barrier properties, and other quality-of-life features that modern consumers have come to expect.

This is due to the fine-tuned laminate engineering of today’s best stand up pouches, which outpace standard bottle units in almost every key category.

Pouches let in less light and moisture, can regulate the heat and humidity of the products inside, and can also include handy add-ons like twist spouts, zip-locks, multiple compartments, and more. The are also much more efficient for transportation and storage.


Why Choose a Stand Up Pouch for Product Packaging?

Unless your company is fully committed to bottles as an unchanging element of your brand, it’s time to take stand up pouches into consideration as a real alternative.

In addition to the benefits described above, it’s a matter of keeping up with the times and delivering what customers want. Customers enjoy using pouches and are gaining familiarity.

Besides, there are so many ways to customize and brand pouch packages that you can transform your company’s image for the better just by switching your packaging strategy.

Bottles will remain on the shelves for the foreseeable future, but for brands in need of a refreshed competitive edge, stand up pouches are the clear-cut winner.


What Are the Benefits of Stand Up Packaging?

Weighing the pros and cons of stand up packaging compared to other materials and designs? Here are the reasons stand-up packaging is the better choice and why it’s here to stay.


Better Brand Awareness

The eye-catching package will always win out in a competitive marketplace, even if the product itself isn’t exceptional. Brands should give themselves every advantage, which means maximizing the visual appeal of their products with stand up packages.

These packages make products look sleek, modern, and fun to use. Plus, these packages are a wonderful canvas for colors and designs that put your brand on another level.


Product Display

Storefronts have limited display options with the standard array of cardboard boxes and bottles. However, with stand-up packaging, many opportunities for innovative displays open up before you.

Stand-up packages can sit in custom arrangements on shelves and counters, be hung from hooks and clips, or be stacked and sorted in any way imaginable. Customers love to see brands doing new things, and that curiosity translates into sales.


Protect and Preserve Items

What could another few weeks of shelf life do for your business’s bottom line? Whether you run a big or small operation, better product preservation means more money at the end of each quarter.

Beyond that, customers appreciate it when products stay fresher for longer, allowing them to consume foods on their schedule and avoid waste. In the long run, this means more repeat customers and a better business overall.


Convenient and Portability

Modern shoppers prioritize convenience and portability more than ever, so give them what they want with stand up pouches.

These packages come with seal-tight features that keep products fresh and safe no matter where you store them, from pocketbooks and backpacks to luggage and car door compartments.



Made from flexible materials and easily reused, stand-up packages encourage sustainable practices from start to finish. Some packages are even biodegradable or can melt away in the water.



Cutting costs while maintaining quality: that’s the name of the game in business. With stand up pouches, you can drop the costs of your packaging, shipping and storage and avoid making concessions on your product’s quality or visual appeal.

Stand up packaging allows companies to do just that, buying packages in bulk at great prices and preventing waste and loss throughout supply chains.


Take Advantage of Stand Up Packaging With Dymapak

Dymapak leads the way in stand up packaging with unmatched quality, customization, and branding options. Put your product in the best possible light with packages that look great, feel right, and generate more revenue for your business.



The stand up packaging era is just getting started, and it’s easy to see why so many brands are getting on board. Discover what stand up packaging options are best suited for your brand, and don’t wait a moment longer to make the switch.



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