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Mylar bags are one of the most popular packaging options available on the market for food storage and organizing household items. Since its introduction to the market, Mylar bags have become essential in the food packaging industry as well as a staple food saver in many households for their ability to effectively seal out light, moisture, oxygen, and odor. By far, the most commonly seen construction of Mylar bags is what’s known as a stand-up pouch. 

Stand-up pouches have taken the consumer packaged goods industry by storm due to their high shelf appeal and customization potential, superior oxygen and moisture barrier properties, and flexibility to accommodate a wide range of shapes and sizes – simultaneously reducing manufacturing costs and improving logistics efficiencies. Perhaps most importantly, the amount of plastic used to manufacture a stand-up pouch is a fraction of that required to manufacture a rigid container that holds the same amount of contents. The environmental impact of this packaging format is attractive for manufacturers and CPG companies alike.

To the everyday consumer, mylar bags are commonly considered any packaging that is lined or made with a foil-like material, and stand-up pouches are considered to be any self-supporting packaging that stands upright. However, mylar is a specific metalized material and bags can be made from a variety of other materials to achieve different textures, colors, and decorative embellishments. There are also various types of stand up pouches as well as those that only lie flat.

So, why are they called two different names if they both have overlapping qualities? The secret is they are the same: mylar bags can be stand up pouches and stand up pouches can be mylar bags. Over time mylar bags have become more and more synonymous with foil-like packaging and that is why the name stuck. Read more to explore the history, uses, and benefits of Mylar bags.

History of Mylar Bags

Mylar is a brand name for a material called BoPet (biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate) which was patented and trademarked by Dupont during the 1950s. BoPet (biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate) is a polyester film made from stretched polyethylene terephthalate and is used for its strength, chemical stability, transparency, reflectivity, and most important for food packaging and dispensaries its gas and aroma barrier properties. As more consumers started to use BoPet bags in the Kitchen during the 1950s the trademarked name mylar bags became more popular in part due to branding, and also because it was also easier to pronounce and more catchy than BoPet. 

Uses and Benefits of Mylars Bags

As mentioned above Mylar Bags are commonly used in the kitchen as a food packaging option for consumers but Mylar bags are also used by dispensaries and cannabis producers. Mylar bags have slowly transitioned into an essential product for also every supplier in the cannabis industry because of its benefits and uses. The popularity of Mylar packaging within the cannabis industry is largely rooted in its benefits, the thick layer of foil-like material in mylar bags is perfect for keeping the contents within the packaging discreet. The chemical properties of cannabis make it sensitive to UV light so the opacity of mylar bags helps prevent degradation of the cannabis plant. In addition to its opacity mylar bags are also great at odor reduction and preserving freshness which makes it the perfect candidate for cannabis packaging and dispensaries. Lastly, the material of mylar bags makes for an easily customizable canvas for brands and companies looking to market and differentiate their products in a fast-growing industry. 

Mylar Bags for Dispensaries

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