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The world’s most influential products send ripples across the economy, changing the status quo and raising the bar for quality. As smartphones introduced new privacy and security standards, the cannabis industry catalyzed an evolution in child-resistant packaging, among other packaging improvements.

Child-resistant packages have been around for years, but with cannabis more widespread than ever, companies are taking it more seriously with rising pressures from consumers and regulators.

Let’s examine how cannabis is changing the world of child-resistant packaging and what brands can do to stay ahead of the game.


What Should You Know About Cannabis Regulations and Compliance Measures?

Don’t be discouraged if you find cannabis law confusing. In many respects, it is.

Rules change from one state to the next, and some states even have regional laws and strange loopholes that only a seasoned lawyer could understand.

Therefore, your best bet is to understand the basics of cannabis law and how it impacts your approach to packaging. Let’s summarize the key points here.


The Hard Line on Child Resistance

Whether you sell flower, wax, or any type of edible, one thing is certain in the cannabis industry: child resistance is a necessary feature for your products. The origins of this law go back way before cannabis legalization was even considered, in 1970, with the Poison Prevention Packaging Act.

The law and later provisions state that children under five should be unable to access certain products, and physical barriers are crucial to preventing incidents. Thus, mechanisms like push-to-twist caps and press-to-open zippers emerged.

Now, child-resistant features are back in the spotlight, and cannabis brands should make this a top priority from both a common sense moral and legal standpoint.


Marketing, Labeling, and “Copycat” Rules

Child resistance is physical in nature since children lack adults’ dexterity, strength, and comprehension skills. However, we’re seeing trends that indicate a push for child deterrent packaging, which focuses more on marketing, labeling, and visual aspects of the branding itself.

For instance, a cannabis product that aims to replicate the colors and characters of a sugary cereal can attract children’s attention, raising red flags for parents and regulators.

Expect to see a change in laws regarding the use of such visual elements in the cannabis space, and be ready to alter your approach to package design for more subtle or adult-oriented imagery.


Brands Need a Packaging Partner

The lesson from these changing regulatory tides is this: brands can’t navigate the legal seas alone. A trusted packaging supplier will be a crucial ally for cannabis companies moving forward, helping to stay on top of legal demands and child-resistant standards.

For upstart cannabis companies, the risk of mismanaged packaging simply isn’t worth it. The right packaging partnership can be massively beneficial business-wise and a significant risk management relief.


How Are Product Variety and Packaging Types Evolving?

With some knowledge of today’s child-resistant standards, what have cannabis companies done with specific product types to raise the bar?

Here are some key categories and child-resistant features you may want to consider for each.



Old-fashioned cannabis flower is a best-seller, but it must be handled appropriately. Brands will want to consider Mylar bags and pouches to preserve the delicate structure and moisture of quality buds, while tougher tins and containers may be needed for pre-rolls.



Some of the most unfortunate recent incidents have come from children accessing cannabis edibles, mistaking them for typical sweets and snacks. To prevent this, brands must double down on child-resistant protections for edibles, using the latest lab-certified mechanisms and other deterrent features.


Liquid Formulations

Liquids like oils and tinctures may be less intuitive for children to access but pose a threat nonetheless. These products need complex push-and-twist mechanisms that keep liquids fresh while preventing access by kids.

Concentrates are another type of viscous product demanding high barriers to access, and solutions like the Twistspenser offer precise applicator capabilities with full child-resistant protections.


How Can You Maximize Protections for Your Cannabis Products?

Ensuring your cannabis products are child-resistant shouldn’t be a headache. Here’s a conclusive checklist of features you need when bringing your products to market with 100% assurance.


Lab-Certified Child Resistant Features

Nothing beats lab certification when searching for child-resistant packaging. The scientific process is unmatched with tests and trial-and-error until the ultimate child-resistant features are developed.


Tear-Resistant Materials with Strong Barrier Properties

Kids will try any method to access the contents of a container, from tearing and ripping to bashing and breaking. The best child-resistant packaging is difficult to access via the seal and can’t be ripped open or torn.


Discrete, Opaque, and Smell-Proof Packaging

Materials and packaging formats make the most significant difference in child resistance, but cannabis packages should also be designed to deter or disinterest children. Discrete designs can help, and opaque packages add a layer of necessary privacy.

Smell-proofing is the final frontier for cannabis, however challenging. By eliminating odors, such packages can limit children’s curiosity and add extra assurance for parents.


The Right Packaging for Each Product Type

With so many packaging types, be sure your product has the right fit for logistics, protections, and legal compliance. Know the pros and cons of each product in your lineup, and match them with a suitable packaging solution for maximum protection.

It still might feel like the wild west in the cannabis industry, but smart business moves are always to your benefit.


Set Your Brand Up for Success With Packaging Solutions

Cannabis is here to stay, with increased freedom and flexibility for brands throughout the industry. However, child-resistant features are non-negotiable, no matter what your brand creates or your location.

The standards for child resistance and safety measures are only going to rise moving forward, so why not get ahead of the curve with quality packaging you can trust? Dymapak is a top choice for cannabis brands in every niche, specializing in lab-tested child-resistant bags, tins, and more.

Don’t let your brand fall behind due to less-than-perfect packaging. Contact Dymapak today, and let’s put your cannabis venture on the fast track to success.


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