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With so many cannabis-infused goodies on the market, we shouldn’t overlook the classic gummy format. From mini animal-shaped treats to peach rings and sugar-coated cubes, these are staples of the cannabis industry that still hold a substantial market share.

From a brand perspective, product quality reigns supreme, but packaging and storage are also crucial elements of success.

What is the best way to store gummy edibles for lasting freshness, ensuring that your products remain stable throughout the supply chain and deliver the best user experience? Let’s talk about these best-selling gummies and how to store them correctly.


What Are the Basics and Risks of Gummy Storage? 

Cannabis gummies are typically made with a combination of familiar ingredients. A gelatin or fruit pectin makes up most of the product, while fruity flavors and sugar round out the ingredient profile.

The cannabis is introduced as an odorless, flavorless oil called a distillate, making the edible experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Regarding storage, there are a few priorities to keep in mind. Here are the top three things to consider when storing gummies for maximum freshness and satisfaction.


Shelf Life and Expiration

Gummies are a relatively resilient form of cannabis edible, meaning they last longer than more complex formulations like baked goods and chocolates.

While they’re not as long-lasting as hard candies, soft gummies, and jellies, they can retain their quality for up to nine months with proper storage. However, most brands will play it safe with expiration dates and label their products with a six-month best-by date.


Staying Cool and Dry

Protection from the elements is priority number one when packing and storing perishable products.

It’s no different with cannabis edibles, which must follow the same best practices for storage and preservation:

  • Temperature regulation, between the freezing point and 70 degrees
  • Optimal humidity, between 59% and 66% atmospheric moisture
  • Protection from oxygen and airborne bacteria and mold
  • Blocked from light exposure to preserve color and quality
  • Child-resistant containers to ensure airtight seals and safety

Under optimal conditions, gummies can better retain their structure, shape, flavor, and efficacy, adding up to a better experience for the customer and appealing to resellers online and in stores.


Signs of Expiration

Even when stored in the best conditions, gummies will show signs of degradation at some point.

Staleness is the first sign of a gummy turning bad, with a harsh and unpleasant texture. While the cannabis may still be functional, most customers will not want to deal with stale products.

Beyond that, mold and bacteria may form on the surface of the gummy after the expiration date. This can threaten those who eat the product, potentially causing illness.

In other cases, high heat and light exposure can degrade the structure of the gummy product, resulting in a melted or distorted form. Brands should understand their products’ vulnerabilities and create a package solution addressing these weak points.


What Are the Best Types of Containers for Gummy Edibles?

We know the ups and downs of gummy edible storage and what brands should prioritize, but how does this translate into practical terms with packaging and container types?

Here are some formats and materials you may want to consider when packaging gummies:


Resealable Bags and Pouches

Flexible packaging is quickly becoming the most popular form of cannabis gummy packaging, and for good reason. These bags and pouches are highly customizable and feature excellent barrier properties that protect gummies from everyday hazards and supply chain pitfalls.

Materials like Mylar offer an outstanding balance of flexibility, strength, and printing capabilities, and Dymapak’s Secure Sack also features child-resistant seals for ultimate assurance.


Opaque Cylindrical Tins

The classic airtight tin format is a favorite in the cannabis realm, especially for edibles like gummies. Dymapak’s lab-tested tins follow a familiar format with a unique alloy of steel, plastic, and silicon.

This creates a highly secure and controlled environment, preventing exposure to light, air, moisture, and significant temperature fluctuations.

The result is a sleek and intuitive product that customers can trust for storage, privacy, and child-resistant safety. It’s a perfect equation for storing edibles of all kinds, especially gummies.


Glass Jars and Containers

While glass lacks the opacity for optimal gummy storage, it offers a decent alternative to opaque containers due to its strong barrier properties.

Brands are not recommended to package gummies in glass, but consumers may choose to aggregate their collections in larger glass containers for convenience and simplicity.

If customers choose glass jars as their storage method, they should be extra cautious about exposure to light, ensuring these jars are kept in cool, dark cupboards. They should also be sure to track expiration dates for the products they keep and use an airtight seal to maximize barrier protection.

Glass is better than nothing, but ideally, your gummies will be better protected from light and use more efficient materials for packaging these products.

Individual Wrapping

Brands often debate the benefits and drawbacks of wrapping individual gummies, and there are arguments for either approach. By individually wrapping gummies in a thin layer of polyethylene, they can retain moisture and structure and lock in flavor for longer.

However, this adds another layer of complexity and cost to the manufacturing process, which many brands don’t want to take on.

It may be more beneficial to use a high-quality flexible package to hold many units simultaneously rather than wrapping them individually in hopes of better preservation.


Make the Most of Your Gummy Edible Products

Gummy edibles are a pillar of the fast-growing cannabis industry, and brands need to leverage any competitive advantage to stay relevant. Making products stay fresh longer means better shelf life for retail partners and happier customers overall.

Reach out to Dymapak today, and let’s put your gummy edible products in the best packaging for protection, storage, and a memorable customer experience.


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