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Packaging Printing Bags

Flexible bags and pouches are increasingly becoming an industry standard.

Flexible packaging pouches offer all the barrier properties of rigid product packaging options and boast favorable product-to-package ratios for the eco-conscious brand and consumer.

With a low minimum order quantity and speedy turnaround time (all orders are packed and shipped within two business days of receipt), our custom packaging bags and flat pouches can help you meet your printing packaging needs carefully and efficiently.

Here’s how Dymapak handles digital printing to assist your quality product bags and ensure your pouches look their best.

Secure Sack and Secure Sack Eco Child Resistant Bags

Dymapak’s Secure Sack and recyclable Secure Sack Eco offer the highest-quality packaging solutions for brands across many industries, including food packaging, OTC drugs, and cannabis.

Our bags are made of food-grade materials, resistant to moisture, oxygen, and light, ensuring freshness and protected contents. With lower transportation footprints, ultra-flexible, durable construction, easy stackability, and lab-certified child resistance, they excel along every step of the product cycle.

The sky’s the limit in terms of high-quality custom packaging, from size to colors, to premium gloss, matte, kraft paper bags, combination package finishes, and custom printing.

Child Resistant Vape Packaging 

Our vape packaging is one of our most popular modifications to our Secure Sack bags. Like all of our flexible bags, our vape packaging is resistant to contamination from the elements with specially designed inserts for increased physical protection of vape cartridges.

They are lab-certified and continually child-resistant, meeting both CPSC and ASTM standards. Their discreet design can be fully customized with graphics, texts, and pre-printed legal disclosures for product compliance.

RYO Pouch Child Resistant Bags

Our Roll Your Own Pouches are a popular modification of our Secure Sack bags, offering a packaging solution for storing cannabis flower for rolling.

These tamper-evident and odor-proof bags are durable storage for package contents and double as a rolling surface. The portable and discreet RYO Pouch can be customized with glossy and matte finishes and full-color printing.

Some package printing options are available on any of our flexible pouches when you collaborate with Dymapak on your most essential products.

Design Elements

The story of your brand and product begins with the first glance of the product on the shelf — before the customer unboxes and directly interacts with the product.

Dymapak can help elevate the experience by crafting unique, flexible, custom-printed bags and stand-up pouches.


Text on your packaging helps to convey critical information, details about the product, brand philosophies, and how you want the world to perceive you. Dymapak’s flexible bags can be customized with any number of font types and sizes to help you convey that message.

With our printing techniques, pre-printed legal disclosures, product information, and all other brand copy can be applied to every part of your flexible bags, including the interior, exterior, and gusseting.


A logo is a visual representation of your brand identity. It helps to create an initial connection with the consumer. Our printing processes can help you spark that initial connection and convert it into long-term brand loyalty.

With full-color printing capabilities, your logo can be rendered vibrantly and impactfully. Dymapak’s flexible bags offer generous space for logo application all over the package.

Graphics and Images

Consumers look for packaging that catches their eyes amongst the competition — whether product contents are displayed on the exterior or clever, eye-catching graphic design is utilized.

Dymapak’s flexible pouches offer ample surface area to apply graphics and images that hook the consumer in. You can opt for gloss, matte, combination, or kraft finishes to differentiate your packaging from the crowd. You can collaborate with Dymapak to create layouts highlighting all design elements for optimal impact.

Printing Options

Dymapak offers a range of printing options and styles to help craft a unique package for each brand, promoting your products and securing the contents.

Here are some of the best printing options available.

Exterior Printing

Consumers are increasingly seeking premium, quality exterior printing. Text, logos, graphics, and branding elements can be applied with a near-limitless number of colors to choose from across the generous surface area of the Secure Sack, Secure Sack Eco, and all other Dymapak bags.

Text, logos, and graphics can be applied to all our premium package finishes, including matte, gloss, combination, and kraft.

Interior Printing

Interior printing can add a layer of surprise and distinction to the unboxing experience, especially compared to the standard flexible pouches available.

Dymapak offers full-color interior printing using either the CMYK or Pantone processes. Brands are not limited to exclusively text — graphics, logos, and other designs can also be printed inside.

CMYK 4-Color Process

Dymapak can create an endless variety of colors limited only by the imagination using the 4-color CMYK, or cyan, magenta, yellow, and black process. Using overlapping print plates, this cost-effective color process applies layers of colors simultaneously, building full-color designs to stunning effect.

Spot Color

The Pantone spot color process can help you achieve the ultimate level of color consistency in all package printing across your product lines. Unlike the CMYK process, the manufacturer pre-mixed spot color inks, ensuring the same results each time. Dymapak spot color treatment can be applied to all our flexible bags with up to 12 colors.

Gusset Printing

An often forgotten packaging element is the gusset, mostly seen as a functional element to increase bag size and durability.

Dymapak offers full-color printing capabilities on gussets for brands looking to achieve an all-over printing style on all our flexible pouches. This area can print graphics, logos, text, and other design flourishes.

Hot Stamping

Both brands and consumers are looking for a wow factor in packaging.

The development of the hot stamping technique allows for a pre-printed image or pre-dried ink to be applied to our flexible pouches, achieving embossed 3-D text and pictures. The hot stamping technique adds texture to packaging, creating a unique and distinguishing design element.

Pre-Print Legal Disclosures 

For all products requiring legal disclosures, Dymapak offers pre-printed labels. These labels ensure legal compliance if your products are potentially hazardous or intended for adult consumption.

These pre-printed disclosures help to educate new customers while offering the peace of mind of Secure Sack’s lab-certified child resistance.


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