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Packaging Configuration Options

When launching any product, packaging is the final step that brings everything together. Whether you’re selling snacks, OTC medications, supplements, cannabis, or household cleaning supplies, a well-configured package can benefit your brand in many ways.

Looks and labels are essential, but so are safety, security, functionality, and a memorable user experience that shoppers will want to recommend to friends. Here’s a look at which custom packaging configuration options matter most and how to achieve them with Dymapak.

What Are the Factors in Flexible Packaging Configurations?

With flexible packaging options more popular than ever, brands don’t want to miss out on the benefits of these materials and formats. The Dymapak Secure Sack and Secure Sack Eco can be configured to your exact specifications, ensuring your products look great and deliver on all promises of protection and functionality.

Here’s how Dymapak Secure Sack solutions can be configured to match your brand vision and exceed expectations.

Sizing and Dimensions

Choosing the correct dimensions for flexible packaging design ideas is the first order of business when formulating a new product or revitalizing existing ones.

AR APIs and mobile app automations can help you visualize the dimensions of mailers, cartons, pallets, or other containers you might be importing from a packaging supplier.

With precise sizing and dimensions for flex pouches and bags, your products can have the following advantages:

  • Exact volumes and weights for proper product containment
  • Efficient packaging and reduced waste throughout the supply chain
  • Simplified storage, organization, and sale for retail partners
  • More visually appealing and compelling appearance on shelves
  • A smoother and more intuitive user experience
  • Better utilization of barrier properties and other protective elements

Dymapak’s Secure Sacks come in various dimensions, from stand-up rectangular pouches to wide-mouth exit bags and every size between. We work with you to determine your products’ best sizes and shapes, leaving nothing to chance.

We aim to configure your flexible packaging with a great-looking, functional product in mind. This saves you time and money and removes all the guesswork from the process.

Full-Color Printing and Labeling

Product configuration is incomplete without a game plan for printing and graphic design. Brand elements, including your logo and brand name, must translate seamlessly to physical form, ensuring they match your original concepts and digital art on websites and social media.

Dymapak’s complete array of printing technology helps streamline the packaging design process, bringing your brand vision to life on pouches and bags of any size and shape.

We’ll configure your designs to look best on each product variation, whether you’re using single-serving pouches or multi-serving exit bags.

With full-color image printing, labeling options, text, and logo options, every product you bring to market will look professional and meet all regulations immediately. CMYK 4-color printing, spot colors, and hot stamping are just some of our offerings.

Child-Resistant Closures

Flexible packaging can be difficult to configure with child-resistant closures, but Dymapak makes it easy with its standardized press-and-lift design for all Secure Sack formats.

The mechanism is lab-tested and meets all standards from the PPPA and CSPC, giving you, your business partners, and your customers complete peace of mind. Furthermore, the design is seamlessly integrated into each flex pack design and virtually undetectable visually. This is how child-resistant closures should be.

Special Features and Inserts

Flexible packaging is more than just a bag with a seal. Dymapak adds key quality-of-life features that make each Secure Sack stand out visually and functionally.

Here are some fun and useful extras to consider with the Secure Sack:

  • Euro slot holes for inventive and unique retail displays.
  • Hangholes to let retailers and customers hang products anywhere.
  • Handles to make pouches easier to carry and store.
  • Tear notches to streamline opening and improve tamper-evident features.
  • Writable area for retailers, medical dispensers, and pharmacies.
  • Transparent cut-outs to give customers a better look at the contents.
  • Degassing valve to reduce internal pressure build-up over time without introducing unwanted oxygen or elements.

These features make the Secure Sack more customizable, whether your aim is portability, shelf appeal, product preservation, or other concepts to set your products apart. The Secure Sack is so customizable that no two look or work alike.

What Are the Factors in Rigid Packaging Configurations?

Although flexible packaging is gaining momentum, rigid packaging remains the most popular and versatile format in the CPG space. With nearly unlimited configuration options, where do you start?

Dymapak’s SecuriTin is a premier rigid cylinder packaging solution that gives you the strength of steel combined with the sleek design of molded plastic and exceptional barrier properties. Here are the configuration options we offer for the SecuriTin.

Sizing and Dimensions

The SecuriTin comes in three main sizes: a 5.5” tall cylinder, a medium 2.7”, and a near-flat 0.98” option. Each container is 2.55” in diameter, ideal for access to products like snacks, cannabis, or cosmetics.

These sizes are suitable for a wide array of product types, and many clients opt for at least two variations to give customers volume and economy options.

Sizing is vital to ensuring an efficient packaging plan and delivering a premium user experience for buyers. Give us your concept, and we’ll create the perfect-sized products to dazzle your customers.

Full-Color Printing and Labeling

The SecuriTin has a naturally sleek and portable design, but the dimensions only go so far without printing, labeling, and other visual elements. Dymapak excels in aesthetic configuration options that will take your SecuriTin products to the next level.

SecuriTins can be printed with the exact colors and images you have in mind, whether you do it yourself or generate the design from a template, along with exterior embossing for a more portable and premium feel.

Written messages and labels can also be printed on the top of the tin and the interior of the cap, providing a memorable unboxing experience for customers.

If a minimal silver design is your aim, our SecuriTins can also be made in this popular color format.

Child-Resistant Closures

Rigid packaging is often paired with child-resistant closures, and many mechanisms have been introduced. The SecuriTin does things differently by streamlining the closure design and adding no extra bulk or weight to the product.

Customers familiar with the press-and-twist format will have no trouble opening their SecuriTin products. At the same time, children under five will not be able to access the contents, per PPPA standards.

With lab-certified child-resistant closures and no bulky locks, the SecuriTin makes no compromises as a rigid container.

Special Features and Inserts

Most SecuriTins are filled directly with products as a primary packaging layer, sometimes paired with thin plastic or foil wrap for extra protection. However, Dymapak also offers unique product inserts for further configuration.

Foam inserts and thermoformed food trays are popular options for the SecuriTin, holding products in place for additional security and a premium feel.

This ensures your products are optimized for today’s competitive retail environment and offer a memorable experience customers will be compelled to share.

What Are the Factors in Liquid Dispenser Configurations?

Liquid dispensers can be challenging to configure due to the market’s wide variety of liquid products. Lotions, creams, foams, oils, tinctures, and concentrates are popular product categories, all featuring different viscosities and properties that require distinct packaging approaches.

The Dymapak Twistspenser makes packaging concentrates and oils easy, with configuration options to add that extra visual appeal.

Sizing and Dimensions

Only one Twistspenser size is currently available, but the easy-to-fill format allows you to deliver the exact volume of product necessary. The sleek and discrete format will enable users to precisely measure doses and reduce waste during use.

You choose how much you want to fill the Twistspenser, making it a highly versatile container.

Full-Color Printing and Labeling

Configure the look of your Twistspenser precisely as you envision. Choose from standard black-and-white or full-color printing options to match your brand elements.

Dymapak prints critical information and labels to keep consumers knowledgeable and safe with proper usage and dosing. We will also pre-print legal disclosure to protect your brand and retailer partners wherever you sell your products.

Child-Resistant Closures

The Twistspenser comes standard with an ASTM/CPSC lab-certified child-resistant cap, meeting all state and federal regulations.

It features a familiar push-and-twist seal that easily snaps back into place for continuous child resistance, perfect for traveling or at-home use. The cap is also leak-resistant and protects the product during transport or storage.

Special Features and Inserts

The Twistspenser is a form of specialty packaging in itself, including all the essential features you expect from a premium product. The built-in twist mechanism is intuitive and highly accurate, ensuring that the exact amount of liquid is dispensed each time.

Dymapak also offers shell packaging and outer boxes for the Twistspenser, helping protect the product for shipping and storage while adding to shelf appeal.

Configure Your Packaging With Precision

With so many possibilities for configuration, it’s the perfect time to configure product packaging in any industry. Customers and business partners can tell the difference, and everyone benefits.

With Dymapak’s solutions for flexible, rigid, and dispenser packaging, the options are nearly unlimited, and we’re here to help bring your concepts to life. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can partner with your brand, request a quote today.


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