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Luxury packaging can make a lot of difference to your bottom line if you implement it well. In fact, 61% of consumers stated they’re much more likely to buy a product if it comes in premium packaging.

If you’re selling a luxury product like watches, fragrances, wines, and jewelry, the consumer naturally expects the unboxing experience to match the product’s status. The bar is set high by companies like Tiffany & Co., which uses a robin egg blue box featuring a white satin ribbon.

The Tiffany packaging imbues a symbol of exclusivity that connects with the luxe nature of its merchandise and brand.

But luxury packaging is not exclusive to luxury products. Regardless of the products, you can use this form of packaging for various occasions to create a memorable unboxing experience and build brand loyalty for consumers.


What Counts As Luxury Packaging?

Luxury packaging is the design and implementation of packaging that appeals to the consumers’ senses, achieving the idea of value, quality, and exclusivity. All consumers have contact with the packaging, making the package the most crucial part of the shopping experience.

The overall look of the packaging is an essential part of a luxury package. The box has to look expensive, and brands will invest a lot in design.

While luxury packaging provides aesthetics for your product, it’s also functional. The packaging protects the item and is designed for extended use. It can also offer pilfer-protective measures by having an anti-theft pilfering sealant.

Some luxury brands have implemented innovative technology in their luxury packaging, including GPS, to track the package’s current location. In the case of additives, other brands will include extras like corrosive salts to prevent corrosion and rusting of metals.


Luxury Packaging Should Include Your Brand’s Logo

The logos of the most popular beauty and fashion brands reflect exclusivity, style, and luxury. They paid attention to the color palette, typography, and symbols they used to create their logos. Therefore, before choosing to include your logo in your packaging, you need to make sure your logo reflects the brand message you want to communicate to your consumers. Include minimalism in the design, such as having a lot of negative space, a simple typeface, black color, and no shading effect. Some great fonts to use for a luxury brand include script and serif.

Consider using monograms for your logo, which means taking the founders’ initials and combining that into a logo design, such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

How you include your logo in the packaging matters. A simple inscription in the box will not do. Small luxury brands will use colors like gold and make the texture rough to offer a luxury feel. Others will use hot stamping to stamp the logo in the packaging to provide the same experience.


Luxury Packaging Should Include High-Quality Materials

Materials suitable for premium packaging include aluminum, glass, and paper. But there are other materials you can choose from to offer an ultimate experience of elegance.

Silk is often associated with elegance. It has a shiny and attractive finish that makes people want to touch and feel the soft texture. It works wonders to include silk finishes into premium packaging to provide a luxury experience.

Create a silk finish using an iriodin coating that offers a smooth and shiny pearl-like texture. Combining the layer with other finishes, like embossing, can enhance your product’s luxury experience.

The feel and look of stone can emulate the look of a high-quality item. Since it might not be plausible to include stone in your packaging, provide the appearance of stone by having a grit coating or coarse reticulation varnish.

When it comes to men’s health and beauty products, soaps, jewelry, and watches, leather elements offer a grandeur experience.

Wood textures are perfect for premium-quality beverages as it tells the consumer that the drink has a superior taste and quality. A stunning custom wooden package makes a significant difference in the overall experience.

Linen is the ideal packaging material for health and wellness goods like skincare products and fragrances.


Luxury Packaging Should Give Customers an Experience

Luxury packaging should aim to offer a memorable interaction when the customer unboxes a product for the first time. Make the unboxing experience a ritual to evoke the special feeling surrounding the opening of presents on a Christmas morning or birthday.

Research by Dotcom Distribution shows that 40% of online buyers will share a purchased product on their socials if it comes with luxury packaging. Everyone loves feeling special, and providing this ritualized experience creates the idea of exclusivity that customers desire.

It’s important to make the product’s presentation stand out. Use die-cut cardboard inserts to offer the box a structured and clean feel. You can also use a layer of cellophane or tissue to hold items together, creating a gift-like vibe.

A written note goes a long way to creating a personalized touch. Write a personalized message to the customer and include some well-scented dried flowers next to it.


When To Use Luxury Packaging

Are you looking to offer your customers an elevated experience? If yes, custom packaging should be part of your strategy. Whether your products are upscale or not, the unboxing experience you offer determines if the client will make a subsequent order and create buzz around your brand. Here’re some instances you should use luxury packaging for your merchandise:


Use Luxury Packaging for Special Orders

Sometimes, consumers will make orders for services or products you don’t routinely offer. They might even make orders in a manner you don’t operate. In this case, you want the consumers to have a great experience as they are probably paying a premium.

In addition to using a high-quality box, offer the customer a prolonged unboxing experience. Make the customer experience feel special by offering samples and goodies, like candies.

Use Luxury Packaging for Customer Rewards

Luxury packaging can be expensive and sometimes not feasible for your pricing. It can also not be scalable. For instance, sending handwritten notes can be impossible if you sell hundreds of thousands of products monthly.

Therefore, reserving this experience for customer rewards is ideal. Therefore, as you send gifts and free products to your loyal customers, creating a memorable unboxing affair will boost even more loyalty and increase sales.


Use Luxury Packaging for Limited-Edition Items

Limited edition items have both consumers and collectors. And because they can become collector’s items, limited-edition packaging adds extra value to the products. For instance, Puma created its Luxury Edition Puma King Shoe with a futuristic gold and black box built with premium materials such as laser-etched aluminum and mirrored acrylic.

The company created only 999 boxes. While the shoes became collector’s items, the boxes were also collectibles.

Using luxury packaging for limited-edition goods brings excitement to an old product. Case in point, Pepsi created a limited-edition Pepsi canned soda where they designed a picture of Michael Jackson making one of his signature moves.

The product sold out as it attracted both fans and new consumers who coveted the unique packaging. Check out some of our special packaging options.



Implementing luxury packaging is an ideal way to create loyalty in your consumers. That’s why using high-quality materials like silk, wood, stone, linen, and glass can make a significant difference in the customer’s unboxing experience.

Prolonging this experience using goodies like extra products and candies creates a ritual for your brand, connecting the unboxing experience with the product.

Therefore, use luxury packaging for limited-edition products, customer rewards, and special orders and see your sales soar. We’ve got your back if you’re looking to make unboxing a special event for your customers. Get in touch, and we’ll design amazing packaging for your products.



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