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Eco-Friendly Packaging Options

It’s time to commit to sustainability in ways customers recognize and respect. Introducing eco-friendly packaging is a high-leverage move that pays dividends in how your brand is perceived by customers, retailers, and partners across the board.

Customers care about their environmental impact — the last thing they want is to contribute plastic packaging waste to landfills or boost their carbon footprints.

Whether you’re an ecommerce business owner selling on Amazon or a retail-only business looking for eco-friendly food packaging, finding sustainable alternatives to the standard shipping boxes, single-use plastics, and packing peanuts is crucial to earning customers’ trust.

Consider the rise of biodegradable packaging solutions, including compostable mailers such as kraft mailers and green packaging materials (which use cornstarch or sugarcane-based bioplastics instead of standard styrofoam).

These eco-friendly products have grown in prominence, and leaning into these product packaging solutions can help large and small businesses thrive.

Furthermore, sustainable product materials are increasingly necessary from a regulatory standpoint, meaning that brands may have less choice moving forward. Switching to eco-friendly packaging is an excellent first step in a sustainable initiative, whether your brand is newly minted or needs a reboot.

Dymapak has recently led the charge in eco-friendly packaging, providing packaging solutions for brands everywhere.

Customers expect sustainable packaging from OTC drugs and supplements to snack foods and tobacco. This rings true especially in the cannabis sector, catering to an environmentally conscious consumer base.

Here are the top eco-friendly packaging options from Dymapak and which features you need to make your product line more sustainable.

Eco-Friendly Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging is now a pillar in the world of packaging, offering strong barrier protections with consumer convenience and a dash of novelty. Until now, most flexible packaging has not met sustainability metrics by most accounts, which cleared the way for Dymapak to introduce its Secure Sack Eco solution.

Here’s what makes the Secure Sack Eco the premier eco-friendly packaging solution for brands looking to make the most of flexible materials.

Optimized Dimensions

Before considering sustainability goals, flexible packaging needs to be sized correctly and deliver the correct product dimensions. The Secure Sack Eco is readily customizable to fit the products you have in store, from consumables to cannabis goods and collectibles.

The standard Secure Sack Eco offerings are rectangular, with 3.62 x 5.86 inches. They are designed to stand independently with a gusseted construction and look great, from store shelves to kitchen cabinets.

Part of the sustainable commitment is making the most of every square inch of packaging you use, and the Secure Sack Eco can fit your specifications for total efficiency.

Child-Resistant Seals

Sustainability is ultimately about building a better world for the future. The topic of child-resistant seals is closely related, which have been part of regulatory standards since the Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970.

Until now, many sustainable packaging solutions have fallen short concerning child safety standards, leaving much to be desired from an ethical and regulatory standpoint.

This was partly due to producers’ flimsy construction or misaligned priorities, but Dymapak has addressed these issues directly with the Secure Sack Eco.

Like Dymapak’s full range of flexible bags and pouches, the Secure Sack Eco is fitted with lab-tested child-resistant seals that lead the industry in reliability.

It is significantly difficult for children under five to access the bag’s contents, yet simple for adults and seniors to enjoy these products easily.

Safety and sustainability go hand in hand, and Dymapak has both covered.

Compliance With Key Applications

As sustainable practices become a matter of necessity in specific industries, packaging will be among the first to see new standards.

Compliant storage materials are increasingly recommended or required in industries like pharmaceuticals or cannabis, especially in western states like California, Nevada, and Colorado.

The exact specifications of the laws vary, but in many cases, brands must use materials that are more than 50 percent recyclable plastic. Some rules apply only to the outer packaging, while others are more comprehensive. Read up on state laws, present and future, to see what’s required of your packaging from a green standpoint.

It won’t be long before these standards are effective and adopted by other regions throughout the United States and beyond.

Rather than waiting until the laws are enacted and rushing the compliance process, plan ahead with smart business sense and solutions that go above and beyond.

Less Waste and Emissions

Regarding the critical sustainability metrics of eco-friendly packaging materials, waste reduction, and emissions targets are top priorities. These involve the production process of flexible packaging materials, mainly polymer solutions constructed into pouches, bags, and other formats.

Since this tends to be a resource-heavy process, recyclable packaging materials, such as kraft paper, cardboard boxes, bioplastics, and other compostable packaging solutions, dramatically reduce the need for extra fuel, water, and other demands. The result is a more efficient production process that reduces wasted materials and lowers emissions.

As more consumers become accustomed to the recycling process and brands utilize sustainable packaging, solutions like the Secure Sack Eco will pay off in many ways.

Simplified, Efficient Shipping

From a shipping standpoint, efficiency is tracked regarding space, size, weight, and other vital metrics. Flexible packaging is generally more efficient than many rigid containers, which contain mostly air and additional protective materials.

Shipping products in Secure Sack Eco packaging is a more space-conscious way to navigate the supply chain, and overall unit weights also tend to be lighter. Even a hundred pounds saved here and there can add up to tons over time.

This is a dream come true for logistics partners and a net positive for your brand’s sustainability report card.

Easy To Recycle or Reuse

Recyclable materials are increasingly common, but brands can’t expect consumers to jump through hoops when following through with the recycling process.

Recycling should be an intuitive part of managing waste in the home or workplace, and the Secure Sack Eco makes this easy to handle.

Users must empty any remaining debris or dust from the package and place the empty bag or pouch into the designated plastics recycling bin. It can be part of any typical plastic recycling mix, including plastic jugs, containers, and other approved materials.

This level of simplicity is vital to any successful recycling initiative, and Dymapak makes it easy for customers to climb aboard the bandwagon.

Eco-Friendly Rigid Packaging

There is still a time and place for rigid packaging, and favorites like tins and cartons are going nowhere. Some products require rigid packaging design — flimsy plastic bags and thin layers of bubble wrap are potentially bad for the environment and may put your product at risk.

Despite the rise in flexible materials, customers still appreciate rigid formats’ look, feel, and protective capabilities.

Dymapak’s SecuriTin is an eco-friendly version of the most beloved twist-cap tins. The SecuriTin was created to deliver the best rigid packaging without wasting space and materials or demanding production.

Here’s how SecuriTin succeeds as the market’s best sustainable rigid packaging solution.

Perfect Size and Strength

The cylindrical shape of the SecuriTin makes it instantly appealing to customers who enjoy a sleek and discrete form factor. From tea and coffee to cannabis and other consumables, we shape each tin to your specifications for maximum efficiency.

The SecuriTin is also notoriously tough, offering protection from the various hazards of the supply chain where flexible packages may fall short.

Child-Resistant and Secure

The SecuriTin offers the strength of rigid containers with the security and assurance of child-resistant seals. This solution is built with a press-and-twist mechanism that meets lab certifications and fits the PPPA standards.

The air-tight seal of the closure also helps retain freshness, proper moisture levels, and other keys to your product’s longevity and success.

Low-Footprint Formulation

In sustainability terms, the production of the SecuriTin is relatively low in its emissions and aims to reduce waste with a combo of steel and silicon. Each tin is lightweight yet strong, making it ideal for shipping many units simultaneously and lowering costs and fuel needs.

Curbside Recyclable

Like those classic tin cans and glass bottles, the SecuriTin is curbside recyclable and requires no additional steps on the part of the consumer. Brands can trust that consumers will know how to process the SecuriTin and make the most of their recyclable commitments.

Whether the tins are printed, labeled, embossed, or unadorned, you can rest assured that customers will confidently recycle them.

Reuse and Repurpose

Not every SecuriTin will be appropriately recycled, but customers can reuse the packaging however they see fit. This is a great way to get more mileage out of packaging formats of all kinds, yet rigid packaging is arguably better for a broader range of applications.

From the home to the workshop, garden, or school projects, there is bound to be a way for customers to use those SecuriTins creatively, adding to their sustainable potential.

Don’t Settle for Less With Sustainable Packaging

Companies have had to choose between practical and sustainable packaging for too many years. Dymapak decided to close the gap between those two options and make them the same with the Secure Sack Eco, followed by the SecuriTin.

Both solutions are high performers regarding look, feel, functionality, and user experience. The sustainability bonus proves that these packaging solutions are the best in class. Now that customers expect eco-friendly packaging, the time to act is now.

Contact Dymapak, and let’s talk about your brand’s sustainability goals, then see how our packaging solutions can help get you there.


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