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Mylar bags have surged to the front of the packaging industry in the past decade. This material has given products in many industries a fresh new coat of paint, functionality, and high barrier protection.

This combo of good looks and utility has endeared countless brands to the Mylar standard of flexible packaging, and the trend is forecast to continue.

Maybe you’ve been investigating the marvels of Mylar for a while, or you’re only hearing of this material for the first time.

Wherever you’re in the decision process, you’ll want to know how Mylar can be customized to fit your unique brand identity and deliver on product promises.

The good news is that Mylar is one of the most customizable materials available in today’s world of packaging.

From the physical properties of BOPET (Mylar’s official chemical name) to designs and extra convenience features, there’s a lot to love about custom Mylar bags for your brand.


1. Package Sizing and Dimensions

The perfect packaging solution starts with size, and Mylar offers so much variation when specifying height, width, volume capacity, and general format shape.

Brands no longer need to choose between sizing options that are either too big or small since Mylar bags can be formatted with precision for optimal shape and size.

Whether you’re packaging snacks, tech components, or over-the-counter drugs, package dimensions are crucial to ensuring a cost-effective and functional solution from shipping to storage and everyday use.

When partnering with a Mylar packaging supplier, ensure they have the sizing options that fit your product.


2. Printing Logos, Colors, and Brand Elements

Brand identity is vital to the success of any packaged product, whether it’s sold in stores, online, or anywhere else.

Mylar provides an excellent surface for various types of printing, allowing your best and brightest brand ideas to translate into physical form with color and clarity.

Unlike rigid formats like paperboard or glass that require adhesive labels to display logos and labels, Mylar is a direct-print format that ensures nothing is lost in translation from the original design.

Print methods are variable, from rotogravure and flexographic to digital prints that go above and beyond with quality.

With high-quality prints that reflect your brand’s unique personality, you can put your products over the top in retail and ecommerce environments.


3. Proper Info Descriptions and Warning Labels

Flashy prints can only get your products so far in competitive marketplaces, and customers need more assurance that your brand can be trusted.

This is where product info panels and warning labels come into play, giving your products a sense of legitimacy that can’t be achieved with graphic design alone.

Customers will want to learn more about your product when browsing shelves or ecommerce pages, and packaging should feature all the relevant info and descriptions.

Furthermore, many product types are required by law to include blocks of information about contents and ingredients and warning labels for packages containing potentially hazardous materials.

Thankfully, Mylar is an ideal format for including all this information clearly and concisely. Nearly 100% of the surface is printable, meaning you can organize info or descriptions to meet compliance and keep customers informed when shopping.

Plus, there’s plenty of room for warning labels if your industry necessitates them, so you don’t have to stress about compliance.


4. Variable Open and Close Systems

Mylar is a type of material, while pouches and bags are simply the formats in which the material is arranged and constructed.

In addition, these formats can feature several different resealable mechanisms that add unique user experiences to your products, among other benefits like security, protection, and child safety.

When browsing Mylar bag and pouch solutions, learn more about these open-and-close features to see how they work and add a distinctive look and feel to your finished product.

You may find that some formats, such as zippers, are better suited for snacks, while pinch-type child-resistant openings are better for sensitive items like cannabis products or cosmetics.


5. Insert Availability for Cartridges

Vape cartridges and other specialty components are more common in the cannabis and tobacco alternative industry. The challenge is creating a package that protects these sensitive gadgets while being visually appealing and secure.

Mylar bags with specialized inserts are the answer the industry has been looking for, with all the protections and features you want, plus the branding elements to complete the look.


6. Eye-Catching Finishes for Shelf Appeal

Glossy, matte, or kraft layers are the ultimate finishing touch for a specialty pouch product. Each finish brings a unique look and feels to a package, whether you’re shooting for a futuristic, rustic, or luxury vibe.

This showcases Mylar’s versatility and the ability of packaging suppliers to bring fun and original twists to familiar formats.

Find a packaging supplier that offers different finish types to further set your brand apart on the shelves.


7. Compliant Storage Options

With regulations in industries like cannabis changing fast, you don’t want your brand left behind.

Mylar bags are great for these types of products, but your chosen bags or pouches must also meet regulatory standards, depending on the setting and region.

Rather than navigating the complex legality of these container types and what they mean, brands are turning to trusted partners like Dymapak to create compliant Mylar bags and other packaging types for complete assurance and protection.


8. Order Size for Cost-Effectiveness

Today’s brands operate on tight budgets with slim profit margins, so packaging costs must be fine-tuned to make financial sense. With Mylar bags, the cost of production already tends to be lower than more complex, multi-layered solutions with rigid formats and protective materials.

In addition, brands can order Mylar bags in specific batch sizes and ensure that deliveries fit within their schedule for packaging and distribution.

This customization aspect is vital to logistics and supply chain management, making it a clear benefit for brand efficiency and shrewd business sense overall.


9. Smell-Proof Properties and Seals

You may not be able to control the potency and scent of your product, but choosing the proper packaging can ensure a smell-proof containment that logistics partners and retailers will appreciate. Plus, it’s a bonus for privacy from a customer standpoint.

Mylar has some of the most substantial smell barrier properties, and specific formulations are ideal for pungent products like spices or cannabis.

Because of slight variations in how Mylar bags are formulated and constructed, smell-proof properties will differ among packaging suppliers.

If odor resistance and smell-proofing are chief concerns for your brand, make sure your chosen Mylar bags are up to the task and trusted by industry leaders.


10. Industry-Specific Customization

Every industry has different legal hurdles, supply chain pitfalls, and customer trends that must be accounted for when shipping a new product.

Mylar bags benefit brands with extreme versatility no matter the challenges, giving owners and founders a sigh of relief.

From cannabis to cosmetics and every facet of the packaged food industry, you can formulate Mylar bags that suit your particular products and make for a smooth launch the first time. This is the key to customization since many industries can trust Mylar pouches and bags.


11. Child-Resistant Security Features

It wasn’t long ago that child-resistant features weren’t required by law. Luckily, things have changed in recent years, and brands are now expected to package goods with robust, lab-tested mechanisms to prevent access by children under the age of five.

Rather than relying on the usual pill-bottle containers that were the only choice for years, brands now have Mylar bags with excellent child-resistant features built right into the seal.

This means you don’t need to sacrifice product look and feel for safety — the best of both worlds is finally possible.

Even if you aren’t required to use child-resistant features for your industry, these formats can offer increased security and build trust with retailers and individual buyers.


12. Premium Look, Feel, and Experience

There isn’t a definitive factor or feature that makes a product premium in the eyes of consumers, but rather a series of intangible traits that captures attention and market share from the masses.

Mylar is one of those rare materials that does it all, with plenty of style and security to spare.

Pouches and bags are the optimal Mylar packaging format, so this flexible packaging solution can’t be missed.


Realize Your Brand Vision With Custom Mylar Bags

Brand owners work tirelessly to formulate a great product that people will love for years. But nowadays, products won’t get the attention or praise they deserve without sleek, appealing, and functional packaging to complete the offer.

With Mylar bags from Dymapak, you can finally set your products apart from the competition and give customers the experience they’ve been looking for.

The full range of customization options outlined here is just the beginning, so contact Dymapak today, and let’s get to work.


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