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Premium Packaging Finishes

Packaging finishes put the final touches on your best-selling products, helping them stand out on the shelf or e-commerce front.

In high-end product packaging design, soft touch finishing options can help elevate products to the next level.

There are plenty of finishing techniques that cater to different areas, including:

  • Lamination: high-gloss lamination or matte lamination
  • UV varnish: spot UV coating and UV gloss
  • Foil stamping: gold foil, holographic foil, hot foil, metallic foil
  • Print finishing: lettering and other printing techniques

Here’s how Dymapak does packaging finish differently, bringing your brand to a higher standard.

Secure Sack and Secure Sack Eco Child Resistant Pouches

From food products to pet care, medical supplies to cannabis, fertilizers to household cleaners, flexible pouches are a packaging solution that has become a top choice among industry leaders.

Dymapak’s Secure Sack and 100 percent recyclable Secure Sack Eco are the world’s first lab-certified child-resistant bags, offering superior barrier protections and reducing the risk of potential harm to young ones.

These highly customizable pouches have ample space for graphics, branding, logos, text, and any required labeling and can be made to specifications in various stock and custom sizes.

Dymapak can help with design, taking your existing brand elements and making them look their best, and guiding you towards the premium packaging finishes that will distinguish your products from the competitors.

Here are some premium packaging finishes Dymapak offers for our Secure Sack, Secure Sack Eco bags, and other flexible bags.


Across industries, glossy finishes create a standout package, making them the most popular choice of all flexible pouch package finishes. A gloss finish has a natural shine that is immediately eye-catching to customers.

Secure Sack and Secure Sack Eco bags with gloss finish leap off the shelf, making branding elements, graphics, text, and colors appear at their most vibrant.

A gloss finish is also more resistant to fingerprints and smudging so that the product will look clean and crisp to the consumer.


Many brands seek ways to distinguish their products by going the road less traveled, opting instead for a matte finish, which has gained popularity over the past few years.

A matte finish lends the packaging a smooth and sophisticated appearance, setting it in a class of its own amongst its peers. Brands looking for a natural, luxurious, and deluxe aesthetic favor the restrained look of a package with a matte finish.


A combination finish uses matte and gloss elements, offering the best attributes of these two premium package finishes.

A matte bag can be transformed into an eye-popping package when combined with gloss elements. Gloss logos, text, graphics, and branded elements will stand out with even stronger contrast than on a package finished in gloss alone.

Dymapak can help dial in your design elements and find the balance of gloss and matte finishes to draw the eye toward the most critical features printed on your Secure Sack bags.

Rice Paper

Rice paper is somewhat of a misnomer as it is created by processing the rice-paper plant, bamboo, hemp, and other fibrous plants rather than edible rice.

Initially used in ancient China for calligraphy and painting, this material holds ink well, making it ideal for applying text, graphics, and logos.

Through reinforcement with resin and a metalized interior, rice paper gains the barrier properties of other packaging formats it lacks.

Brands looking for alternatives to typical plastic packaging can opt for biodegradable rice-paper finishes with an off-white coloring and a natural paper-like feel.


If you’re seeking a natural, earthy look, look no further than Dymapak’s flexible pouches finished with kraft paper. Named for the German word meaning strength, biodegradable kraft paper is constructed of wood fibers and recycled paperboard.

Packages finished with kraft paper are composed of a brown paper exterior fortified with resin and a foil interior for a sleek metallic effect. Kraft finishes offering a best-of-both-worlds solution for brands — an organic aesthetic with the strong barrier properties they seek.

As with all Dymapak products, the Secure Sack and Secure Sack Eco with a kraft finish are food-grade, lab-certified, child-resistant, and resistant to moisture, oxygen, and light exposure. This finish also has the natural feel of paper, bringing the aesthetic full circle.

SecuriTin Child Resistant Tins

Where other producers offer tins that have left consumers and brands wanting more, at Dymapak, we have created the SecuriTin to meet and exceed their demands.

The SecuriTin is the world’s first lab-certified child-resistant tin and achieves three critical goals of all proper packaging, protecting the contents, children, and the environment.

Created from a composite of steel and silicon, the SecuriTin is curbside recyclable like a can of vegetables. The SecuriTin has a low transportation footprint and decomposes 2000 times faster than glass, meeting the demands of eco-conscious consumers and brands alike, with no tradeoff in quality or barrier properties.

Where some tins have limited customization options, brands are limited only by imagination when finishing the SecuriTin. Here are some custom finishes Dymapak can apply to ensure your tins are the best on the shelf.


Tins with a premium glossy finish can be customized with graphics, text, logos, and other branding elements. Gloss is the most popular choice when finishing tins.

The all-over shine of gloss-finished tins heightens the vibrancy of all design elements applied to them. This finish is also more resistant to fingerprints and smudging.


Tins with a matte finish look and feel smooth, adding a luxury touch. As they are less commonly used, they stand out on the shelf among their peers. Matte finishes are primarily black or white, but Dymapak can create matte finishes in various colors.

Embossing and Debossing

Embossed and debossed finishes create raised and recessed images, text, logos, and graphics.

They change the tin’s look and feel, helping distinguish them from more typical smooth finishes. These embellishments, including the child-resistant top, can be incorporated all over the tins.


Consumers are not only drawn to bold designs but are increasingly seeking packages with a luxury or bespoke feel. Basic tins typically have a smooth finish, but the SecuriTin can be customized to incorporate unique textures to meet these demands.

Spot Varnish

Spot varnishing is a finishing technique used to create highlights on tin packages. Spot varnishes can be applied in either gloss or matte. Dymapak can help you apply this technique to put a spotlight on text, logos, graphics, and other branding materials all over the tin.


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