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Available Packaging Features & Specialty Add Ons

Product packaging features make your products stand out with visual appeal and functionality for users. Looks and barrier properties are essential for preservation and protection, but extra features and add-ons bring them together.

Certain features of good packaging design are also critical when dealing with product types that need extra care and attention, whether in shipping, storage, or everyday use. This attention to detail is appreciated by retailers and consumers alike and can help your brand become a fierce competitor.

This article will review Dympak’s main product types and see which high-quality packaging features and specialty add-ons stand out.

Secure Sack Bags and Pouches

Dymapak’s premier products are in flexible, dynamic bag and pouch formats. They are constructed for the protection and longevity of products, from snacks and supplements to cleaning goods and much more.

Customers are turning to flexible packaging for its convenience and slim form factor, plus the child-resistant features they’ve expected from leaders like Dymapak.

Pair these features with tamper-evident tabs and other quality-of-life upgrades, and they’ll make your products formidable on shelves and online stores.

Let’s see which different packaging features and unique add-ons are available for these flagship product types and the best use cases for various industries.

Standard Pouches

As consumer packaging becomes more flexible, pouch formats are leading the way. These typically come equipped with standard features like resealable zippers or a gusset shape that allows them to stand independently.

However, extra features are increasingly necessary for flexible packages to earn attention on shelves and offer a distinct user experience. In other words, the initial novelty of pouch and bag packaging has worn off, and brands must go further with their offerings.

Dymapak’s standard pouches are already a cut above, including child-resistant packaging and tamper-evident tabs. Many other brands don’t guarantee these and tend to come with upcharges.

Our standard pouches are highly customizable, offer full-color printing and branding, and can be constructed to include various inserts and additions.

The purpose of packaging — aside from choosing secure, attractive packaging that captures customers’ attention and keeps fragile or food products secure — is to engender brand loyalty by selecting the right packaging for your products and customers.

In the age of eco-friendly packaging, sustainability has become a crucial facet of marketing strategy.

Sustainable packaging, such as the Secure Sack Eco (the world’s first recyclable lab-certified child-resistant pouch), can help you stand out from competitors and demonstrate that you take your environmental impact seriously.

Exit Bags

The typical stand-up pouch format is a vertically-oriented rectangle, ideal for displaying on store shelves and occupying the pantry with cans and boxes. Exit bags offer a change of pace in dimensions, featuring a broader form that isn’t as tall.

These bags feature a wide opening at the top and are ideal for scooping products like coffee, tea, or large handfuls of snacks.

They also feature all the barrier properties and user-friendly benefits you’d expect from the best Mylar packaging, along with child-resistant zippers and a self-supporting design.

These bags were initially used for cannabis dispensaries loading products for customers before they “exited” the premises, but they’ve proven more useful in many other ways.

Brands across the board love the unique exit bag format, including cosmetics companies, OTC medicine makers, cannabis product lines, and even toys and collectibles. Better yet, they feature plenty of interior space to add unique inserts and add-ons that deliver a premium experience for customers.

Easy Access Pouches

Somewhere between traditional flex bags and wider exit bags are easy-access pouches, finding a middle ground in dimensions. These child-resistant pouches are closer to squares than rectangles and offer brands and consumers the best of both worlds.

They are designed to hold standard cannabis volumes like quarter ounces of flower and approved amounts of edibles and infused consumables.

They can also be fitted with vape cartridges and other special inserts to help your high-end products shine without the risk of damage.

Easy-access pouches are set to be the following hit style of flexible packaging, so this is your chance to get ahead of the competition with a fun, unique format.

Vape and Preroll Pouches

Some types of packaging are built with premium products in mind, such as vape devices or smokable prerolls. Since these products are crafted with care and higher price tags, custom packaging isn’t just a good idea — it’s necessary for safe shipping and storage.

Vapes, for instance, are often constructed with delicate packaging materials and contain sensitive liquids that can’t afford to be knocked around on the supply chain. Even the slightest dent or crack can compromise the unit’s functionality, so specialized vape inserts are required when delivering products in flexible packaging.

The vape cartridge inserts from Dymapak are designed to suspend the vape unit in the middle of the pouch, with an additional layer of protective material surrounding the center. This ensures the vape cartridges stay intact and work as advertised upon delivery.

Preroll products have a similar disclaimer; even the best-built prerolls are naturally fragile. Nothing is more disappointing for a customer than a ripped or bent preroll.

Brands can turn to dedicated preroll packaging with the proper dimensions and safety features to confidently ship and store these products.

RYO Pouch Packaging

Roll-your-own tobacco products present a unique packaging challenge for producers. The contents are typically high in moisture and sensitive to various environmental and atmospheric conditions, such as oxygen, light, and temperature.

Customers also expect functionality from RYO packaging, including transportation, ease of access, and resealable features.

Dymapak has developed a specialized RYO packaging solution for these product types, complete with an air-tight seal that locks in moisture and oxygen. The package includes a reinforced cover that doubles as a rolling surface when open, offering on-the-go functionality for users.

These packages can be customized with printing inside and out, ensuring your brand’s vision is brought to life without limitations. Dymapak is ready to work with your brand to lock in the proper dimensions and extra features that help your RYO products succeed.

SecuriTin Child Resistant Tin

Cylindrical tins are a staple in the packaged goods space, but until now, brands have had to compromise materials, barrier protections, branding, and other elements.

Dymapak has developed the SecuriTin as the no-trade-off tin solution that gives brands everything they want and more.

The SecuriTin protects products from every potential hazard, including physical damage to the contents of the container. The unique formulation of steel and silicone creates a hard outer shell that keeps products safe during shipping, adding stackable organization for retailers and buyers.

Here are some special packaging features and customization options that Dymapak makes available with the SecuriTin.

Interior and Exterior Printing

Customers expect quality printing on the exterior of their favorite tinned products, and the SecuriTin offers plenty of room for customization. Cover the entire surface area of the cylinder, plus the top of the child-resistant tin, with colors, text, and images.


Decorative flourishes like embossing can be the defining feature of many products and stand out from the usual selection of smooth, basic tins. Embossing is a prime example of a premium finish and is optional for all SecuriTin products.

Product Inserts

Most SecuriTins are filled to the top with goods, leaving little room for inserts. They tend to be packed to limit the movement of the contents and provide a built-in level of physical protection that other formats don’t always offer.

However, product inserts are sometimes required for fragile product types, as these can help reduce the chance of damage or exposure to elements during shipping or storage. Dymapak is here to work with your brand to formulate custom inserts that fit your product requirements and your brand standards.

Twistspenser Liquid Dispenser

An increasing subsection of the cannabis industry is focused on concentrates, which offer high-potency products that must be dispensed in precise amounts. This is easier said than done with standard instruments and estimations, which is why the Dymapak Twistspenser is a welcome change of pace for brands and shoppers.

The Twistspenser is a slim, cylindrical dispenser that uses a twist mechanism to dispense exact amounts of liquid, wax, or other viscous contents. This makes the process safer, smoother, and more efficient for users, who appreciate the functionality and reduce the chance of waste.

The Twistspenser is a complete specialty packaging solution, but here are some ways to make it your own.

Full-Color Print Labels

Direct printing is a must with the Twistspenser, an all-in-one device that quickly travels and transports. Each use is a mini advertisement for your brand, unlike other products that can be repackaged or converted into different formats by the use.

With that said, take advantage of complete color printing and labeling from Dymapak to make your Twistspenser products look their best.

Outer Box Packaging

The Twistspenser is a premium product that deserves high-end treatment with strong outer packaging. Dymapak can formulate boxes and inserts that make your Twistspenser product look great on the shelf and even better when opened for the first time.

See What Special Features We Have in Store

No product is complete without great-looking packaging that also withstands the pressures of shipping, handling, and daily use. Dymapak has those bases covered, then goes another step to deliver premium features and customization options.

Connect with Dymapak today, and let’s discuss available packaging features and specialty add-ons that your best-selling products deserve.


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