More than anything, consumer safety remains the top priority for all Dymapak packaging solutions. For this reason, we’ve taken the important step to design each of our existing and future products to make sure that they are lab certified to meet or exceed the child resistant testing standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission for child resistant packaging. With this certification, we aim to give anyone who uses our products – including parents, dispensary owners, law enforcement officials, pharmacies, and more – the peace of mind that their items remain safe and out of the hands of little ones. Dymapak’s child resistant packaging solutions are classified in accordance with ASTM D3475 and are lab tested and certified using CPSC standards and protocol to conform to the requirements of a Poison Prevention Package (CPSC 16 CFR 1700 child resistant).

What does it mean to be CPSC certified?

Dymapak is proud to set its products apart from its competitors by ensuring every child-resistant product is tested and certified by a reputable lab in the United States in accordance with the protocols established by the CPSC under 16 CFR 1700. Unfortunately, not all packaging companies are taking this incredibly important safety step to make sure their products are impenetrable by curious children. But what exactly does it mean to be CPSC certified and why is it important to trust a US-based lab?  

To be CPSC certified means that a package has been tested and certified by a private laboratory to fulfill the requirements for child-resistant effectiveness and senior adult use effectiveness as required by the Poison Prevention Packaging Act – a law established in the early 1970’s by the CPSC in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 16, Part 1700. This rigorous testing ensures that the contents inside the package are safeguarded from small children while still allowing adults to open it with relative ease. With such significant implications, it’s imperative that a trustworthy and reputable lab conducts the testing rather than a questionable facility overseas.

To be CPSC certified means that a package has received laboratory approval for meeting or exceeding the standards for Poison Prevention Packaging as required by the CPSC in CFR Title 16, Part 1700

What Testing is Required to be CPSC certified?

When you purchase Dymapak’s child resistant packaging solutions, you know you are investing in the safest products because of the in-depth testing involved in the CPSC certification process and the trustworthiness of the labs conducting the tests. Performed by an accredited laboratory, the testing of Dymapak’s packaging is unmatched. We are able to guarantee superior products as compared with our competitors because the extensive testing our products go through is performed by a completely unbiased, objective lab whose sole priority is ensuring the safety of children in compliance with the law. In fact, a single product may be required to undergo multiple rounds of third party testing to make sure it is fully compliant with a number of different regulatory requirements.

Retesting a CPSC Certified Product

To ensure continued compliance with CPSC safety standards over time, previously CPSC certified products must generally undergo period retesting. Dymapak is happy to comply with this requirement to ensure we continue to offer the highest quality CPSC child resistant packaging on the market today. This ongoing commitment is what sets us apart, and we remain dedicated to protecting the wellbeing of our customers even if it means retesting our packaging time and time again.

Uses for Dymapak’s CPSC Child Resistant Packaging

Because of our CPSC certification, Dymapak’s child resistant packaging solutions offer a wide variety of uses. Child resistant bags are a superior option for products including medicine and vitamins, toys and small objects, cleaners and detergents, cosmetics and personal care items, screws and nails, and many more items that should be kept out of reach of children.

Features of Dymapak’s Child Resistant Packaging Solutions

Dymapak is leading the industry in state of the art CPSC child resistant packaging that can safely store a range of everyday items to suit the needs of families and businesses alike. Our bags and pouches feature tailored opaque color options of your choice that not only expertly protect against light degradation to keep the contents within fresh, but also provide discretion for the owner. Additionally, all CPSC child resistant packaging feature Dymapak’s patented press and seal zipper design that allow for the most secure closure to lock out moisture and create a smell proof barrier perfect for securing concentrates, vape cartridges, medicinal flower products, and other infused products. Finally, all child resistant packaging solutions come standard with tamper-evident tabs to protect the consumer and regulatory pre-printed warning labels compliant with PPA title 16 CFR 1700.

The Superior Safety Solution

Dymapak has mastered child-resistant packaging solutions for our customers, providing superior products that will not only keep your products fresh – but will also leave you with the peace of mind that they’ll remain in the right hands. Browse our wide selection of lab certified CPSC compliant child resistant packaging today.